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  1. I agree with that last dude that the engines are built custom and even if it was a mustang v-8, it obviously is no longer a ford mass production powerplant. But not all jaguars have gone down in quality since it was bought out by the all-american #$%# heads at ford. The S-type and X-type are ford ford ford. And they suck ass. BUTTTT the XKR and XJR are still sweet whips with jaguar chassis and frame, BRITISH design and BRITISH engine (mostly). THey still kick ass but i know some of Jag has turned ford (otherwise known as shit)
  2. my bad, i ment the alst dude on the first page. Stupid mistake. I apologize...blah
  3. you guys got some stuff backward here, jag acually creates their own engine the 4.2L and ford takes the block and puts in LS and thunderbird well the 4L version, the v12 is first designed by ford but astin now has control over it pretty much. mazda is right now the creater of pretty much all ford small engines like the zteck pretty much anything below the 2.4L. Land rover has the BMW engine in it. volvo has its funky 5cylinder and other engines. so we are left with ford lincoln and mercury which share parts.
    the next jen xkr and s-type will most likely be aluminum based to make the xjr cheaper to build(mass production). and by the way jaguar has better reliability that BMW, and Mercedes and i believe audi.
    as this car goes well everytime i watch a race i see couple of these things in the top5 so i guess they are doing pretty good.
    and what is this talk about a 4.5L jag car creating 650hp stock with no forced induction. I am sorry I just can't believe that, hell enzo creates what 660hp out of a 6L v12, and look at the price tag.
  4. note, the current trans am has a pure jaguar 4.5L v8.
    it exceeds and is an upgrade from the previous engine, with 650HP, anda 3.1 0-60 time
    where is bmw? mercedez or audi? or chevy?
  5. He missed a few puctuation marks, so what. What I wan't to know is why the F£#K you're siding with the moron.
  6. Hey, how about you come down to our track in the summer in Hazleton. There are 2 Mustangs running 8's. Suck a cock inbred. The Mustang can and will own you and your POS Camaro.
  7. And by the way, you wanna get wiped off the map by a car in our town that is street legal? Try a 6 second Supernatural Corvette. Suck a dick, PEACE!
  8. You might wanna check spelling too. Appologize = Apologize, Forsee = Foresee... think before you laugh so hard.
  9. This site is called, not grammar blaster. Stick to the cars, alright?
  10. your car is no big deal if it runs nitrous on the track. a mustang could beat your car if it is set up correctly. w/ a good tire, suspension, a supercharger, bassnai exhaust BBK long headers, and some other stuff, low nines. There is a car i no of, about 600HP, runs upper 8's, just suspesnion and weight

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