Re: Holy Sh**!!! 217mph with a Twin Turbo Inline-4!!! Insane!

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by SkylineMan, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Holy Sh**!!! 217mph with a Twin Turbo Inline-4!!! Insane!

    This car is a work of art.... and technology. getting that kind of power and speed out of a 4 cylinder is just insane. How far will technology advance until the end comes?<!-- Signature -->
  2. in case u hadn't noticed, it does have 2 turbos.... and weighs very little... but still... it is amazing<!-- Signature -->
  3. Man, I'm wondering how they got a twin turbo 4-banger to go that fast. If only my Supra had aerodynamics like that, and twin turbos like that. I guess i'm going to have remove a lot of parts from my Supra to lighten it like that.<!-- Signature -->
  4. That is weird. That engine must be hurtin' after going 217.<!-- Signature -->
  5. it pumps out well over 200 hp per liter
    <!-- Signature -->
  6. 256 hp per liter yeah

    This engine cant last too long believe me

    Oh man it weighs only 1731 lbs lol<!-- Signature -->
  7. At 217 mph and under 2000 pounds one little rock/bump in the road spells death.
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SkylineMan</i>
    <b>Whether you win by an inch, or by a mile... Winnings winning! -- "Fast And The Furious </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    At first glance this quote sounds inspirational, but in the context of the movie it was used in it made no sense at all. In a quarter mile race how could somebody "win by a mile"?

    Oh, and about the car, I highly doubt that this overly turbocharged engine is durable enough to last very long. It appears to be quite fragile. Cool concept though.<!-- Signature -->
  9. dom didnt mean literally when he said " an inch or a mile." surely you guys know that. its symbolism. it means it doesnt matter by how far you win by. all that matters is that you won.<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually DeepAngel22 it has 2 "stock" turbos form the dealer which happen to be stock hence not upgraded. 216mph isnt that exciting man if you were to add a new turbo/turbos intercooler and more it would be possible to have a 235+mph top speed, 700+BHP and 0-60 in 2.5 seconds or less. if you find that hard to beleive go to this site

    click on Turbos on the left side of the page about half way down and check it out. They even have a Turbo for 550bhp called the ETE52 which is the biggest hp turbo they carry for street use.

    and look at the turbos alone they are rated at up to 500hp for street just on 1 turbo alone now imagine 2 of those turbos intercooler etc. thats well over 1200BHP.
  11. actually its not hurting anything as u had said the twin turbo inline 4 is nothing close to a pos viper which is so unstable even at 50 mph under its top speed that you better have some damn good insurance. notice that the turbos on the Leblanc are stock which means virtually everyhitng can be upgraded t well over 1000bhp and have a to speed of 230+mph.
  12. ls1aliendroid

    well well ls1aliendroid you have just made the biggest idiot out of yourself notice on your info where you stated that "all imports suck" well guess what? Toyotas are imports thats right they are made by the japanese. so why dont you just stop talking before you embarass yourself in front of everyone by speaking of things which you know nothing about and are in no place to even speak of a car seeing as how you beleive in such piles of american crap like the dodge viper. ls1aliendroid before you think of a clever, witty, retarded comeback to my statements i challenge you to find any case where the hunk of american crap cars that you beleive in like the trans am, Viper or whatever beat an import or any foreign car. maybe i should tell you now - you wont find that ever you know why? Oh you are going to love this - because all american cars suck so much if you had half of the brain and spent as much time on here rambling as you should learning about cars you would know that every single car the US has manufactured after the 60's was designed to fall apart so that hard-headed people like yourself take it to get fixed whether it be the engine or anyhitng and end up getting screwed by the high prices because car companies dont care about people they care about $$$$$ how much of it they can get and save they always have thought that way since the end of the 60's and they always will. why should they make a car right? when they can design it to #$%# up so it has to be fixed many times and the dealer is usually the only place it can be fixed. and guess what seeing as how dalers are the only one that can fix it they tend to charge whatever amount they want so prepare to get raped with prices.
  13. i think that the engine of this car was very well built and engineered so that explains a such level of performance.
  14. I'm pretty sure that the engine would be able to hold stable, though I have never driven this car. I haven't driven any car anywhere near that fast. But the engine should be able to hold, the technology into it would make it stable, and the downforce of the car would kepp it glued to the ground, just look at the exterior. it says dowforce all over it. it would easily be able to stay stable at any speed that this company has made it able to go.
  15. i couldn't agree more
  16. bollocks, bet that b1tch is tough as nails. a well built turbomotor is much more reliable than a high revving NA motor.
  17. turbo's go easily if improperly cooled though
  18. Um, its only 216.2 not 217 mph topspeed.
  19. I'd like to see the technology used in this car applied to a larger engine personally. God knows what tree that car would wind up wrapping itself around.
  20. The car is amazing but i have one question:

    Could this car flip over like the Mercedes(i think, if my mind doesn't trick me) at Le Mans? I mean so little weight won't keep her on ground? Must be good for drag race though oops I said drag race should've said drag queen! lol
  21. Yeah, good post. I find it hilarious that people can say its aerodynamics "look" ok.

    There is no empirical evidence to suggest anything - just looks. Considering the Mercedes flipped on 3 separate occasions ( twice with Mark Webber, and once with Peter Dumbrell ( I think )), you would have to say that even companies with vast VAST resources can screw up.
    Who are these guys?
    What is there experience?
    What success have they had in achievements like this?

    Oh, and BTW, with respect to properly maintained NA cars vs turbo cars, its easier to get power out of turbos, however the power delivery *can* be a tad, shall we say, more abrupt...

    With respect to "will the motor hold together", well, heres a neat trick: take one highly tuned, computer controlled motor, and setup TWO settings, one for high boost situations, and one for low boost situations. Man, I'm so sick of idiots talking out of their asses who dont have a clue about turbos. Some of you guys need to go back to kindergarten...

    On a subjective note, yes, I think it "looks" good. If I could be convinced the car wouldnt claim my life, I might even be persuaded to take one for a spin.

  22. 512bhp from 2l i4 revs at 0, WOW!!!!
  23. Well I'm different from him but, I believe in my American "hunk of crap vehicles" as well, so I guess according to you, that makes a piece of sh*t, doesn't it?!? Umm...about that, with American auto manufacturers under Federal regulations during the '90s mandated, that ALL U.S car companies and there respective dealerships, NO LONGER JACK UP PRICES on all replacement parts! Also if the Viper is such piece of crap, why did it take Gumpert (with there Apollo Sport) to finally dethrone the SRT-10 ACR, as the fastest modern production supercar around Nordschliefe, HUH?!?

    UMM....Yeah name me ONE car that has even MORE legendary engine than a 350ci Chevy small block, that's been used more and transformed from a 289-427cid, for over a period of 50+ years that's been in the '53 Corvette, Impala, Caprice Classic even to the f*ckin' Camaro and Nova, plus in COUNTLESS 1932-1934 Ford highboys, roadsters, 3-window coupes and Chevrolet's roadsters and 3-window coupes, (known as..."Hot Rods"?!?) So all in all the Firebird Trans Am and Camaro Z/28s do not suck at all!

    OH...Yeah...UM...The Nissan 350 & 370Zs, 240SXs, Skyline R32-R34 GT-Rs, plus Subaru's WRX & WRX STi, Mitsubishi's Lancer Evo, Mazda's RX-7, RX-8, MX-5 & MX-5 Miata and every Honda/Acura are, guess what...yeah...imports, too...WOW, Cablejockey!!!...I didn't know that the f*ckin' Toyota's were imports, holy sh*t Einstien...YOUR A F*CKIN' "GENIUS," A.D.B.M!!
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