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Discussion in '2001 Pontiac Grand Am Hot Wheels Concept' started by RealFox, Aug 10, 2002.

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    ha, hotwheels, this thing couldn't smoke em up let alone get em above room temperature what a lame name<!-- Signature -->
  2. I too am a proud owner of a 2000 GA GT, but dude, if you made such extensive mods to your ride, you gotta back them up with hard evidence. No disrespect, but I made no modifications to my ride and it looks just like yours.
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    I love the Grand Am GT. We were looking at one for sale today (a 1999). It was black and was tinted out and had the 5 spoke mag rims....gotta love em man. We have a 2001 with the I 2.4. I like it, but the GT is a sweeter ride. I LOVE this concept and hope they put it into production!!

    L8a dayz<!-- Signature -->
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    I understand that you are a loyal general motors fan but even that has its extents. Sell the grand am you got now and dont buy the one your looking at and buy and integra or a prelude. I driven both these cars and they totaly embarass the ga in every area.<!-- Signature -->
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    I forgot to mention that we are also looking at a 2000 Grand Prix GTP Daytona Edition. Now THAT is a sweet ass ride!

    L8a dayz

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