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Discussion in '2001 Hyundai Clix Concept' started by NOS inhaler, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. hyundai sucks

    id rather shit in my shoes and wear them for a week than drive a hyundai
  2. ok...lets see you do that...

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  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from NOS inhaler</i>
    <b>id rather shit in my shoes and wear them for a week than drive a hyundai</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Haha...I would give you 1 million bucks for wearing these shoes and drive a Hyundai Excel...haha!!

    At least Hyundai cars don't smell like shit...<!-- Signature -->
  4. AISH!!! HATERS!!! HHAHA you people make me sick. You don't know a great car when you see one. All you think is 'Hyundai sucked a few years ago... SO IT SUCKS NOW!!! AND I'M ONLY 13!!!' As my smart friends just said, the 03 Tiburon will haul some nice ass. With a new V6 we are gonna be experiencing some major power... go Hyundai! As you also didn't know probobly (ignorance as always) the Tiburon is the latest target for aftermarket companies. The motor has lots of potential and not to mention some nice curves and styling. Oh and don't come whining to me that you were wrong when you start losing races to the new Tiburon, cause I'm just gonna laugh at you.

    PS Han Gooks forever
  5. Hey! dr_bypass.
    Mitsubishi makes Blenders.
    Does it make them bad car company?
    Why don't you just shut the #$%# up and let people with reason write?
    People like you think one component in larger scheme of thing resembles another. So by that definition, do I think you're a shit because you goto washroom everyday? You damn right I do!<!-- Signature -->
  6. I just wish the V6 in the Tiburon was a 3.0L and made a even 200hp, but i guess they gotta keep the cost down and profits up.
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  8. tiburons are the only nice hyundai. they really are tight as hell. and cheap as hell too. may even be good competition (as far as the engine goes) to a new civic si.
  9. Yeah I can see someone has lost to a few Tiburons on the street. Jealousy.
  10. There was once a time when all Hyundai did suck serious ass as do the new Korean Cars do today (Kia, Daewoo, etc.) Hyundai's have come a long way through being Honda rip-offs and accounting for many break downs and long ass repairs. Anyone who thinks Hyundais suck today though, are merely puppets who are listening to their daddies when they ***** and moan about Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Harley Davidson kicking ass when they really dont anymore. All american cars today are gas-guzzling inefficient V-8's who are living in a forgotten era. I would love to see anyone with a Civic or whatever the hell you people like try to take on a new Hyundai Tiburon or anyone who owns a Lincoln or Cadillac say that the XG300 doesnt look and preform the exact same if not better than any of those cars, with the exception of the overpriced Deville and shit with once again, gas guzzling, inefficient V-8's. Stop listening to this bullshit from 13 year olds who dont know what they're talking about and claim to be driving Ferraris. End The Cycle, test drive a 2003 Tiburon and write back. <!-- Signature -->

  11. Test drive a 2003 Tibby? That is actually on my list when I bring my 99 in next month to have the timing belt changed out. yes that is right, I put over 65,000 miles on a 99 Tiburon in less than two and a half years.. except for oil, tune ups, and tyres.. it has not cost me a dime and more than surprised a few honda civics who thought my Korean car was "shit". You should have seen the looks on their riced out faces.
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  13. I agree...
    Hyundai is a Car to Own Forever...
    No one in their right mind will ever buy it from you!!

    Only thing worse than a Hyundai is an Used Hyundai,What
    can you expect from a company with a long tradition
    in building sewing machines...

    Come on you only live once, stay away from Cheap-skate urges
    of owning a cheap-skate-mobile.

    Alex Delfino.
  14. Who cares about hyundai?
  15. i rented one and it did.
  16. HUNDAI STILL SUCKS.............

  17. then why even spend the bandwidth to post here?
  18. Korea should stick to make Nikes for 5 cents a day!
  19. Check this guy out, saying that we don't know a great car when we see one. A f**king hyundai? WTF? I've seen these cars roam the streets since 1989, right when the first POS model was introduced to the streets. Noting but tranny problems out the ass. And over the years I noticed it got to a point where their engines sucked so bad that Mitsubishi started to put some of their engines in them. Nothing that you see of a hyundai today is original anymore of their own. Think about that 100 mile warranty crap they offer, why do you think they offer it? Have you seen their commercials? Every design they come out with reminds me of another car company's design with their models. DUHH!! Their commercials fit them perfect. DUH DUH! Please don't sit here and feed us some BS on how great these cars are. There is NOTHING about a hyundai that's original anymore. If it were, they wouldn't have made it this far. They have had plenty of help over the years from other car companies.

    Now Toyota, Honda, and even though Nissan has had some issues lately, these are cars that started from the ground and up.

    Talk about generic POS's.
  20. There not that fast, get over your self.

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