Re: Its nice to see The Muslim world produce some cars

Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by BugattiEB110SS, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I've killed these people? no, how is that comment racist?
  2. its sad how some ppl get to a level of low mentality to think in such a way about muslims<!-- Signature -->
  3. go take this shit on ur muslim-engineering batty forum.. <!-- Signature -->
  4. dvd, are you asking that because you don't know?
  5. offended sorry
  6. oh my god! all i meant was that its nice to see a predominately mouslim country make a super car like this one....thats all i meant when i started this damn forum out, then the bugatti guy came and started making racist jokes, then all these ppl started expressing their emotions on how they think all muslims are terrorists and all that bullsh*t-manwhen will u learn, all muclims are not terrorist, so what if 92% of all terrorists are muslims- what are u basing that on...timpthy mcveigh was a white christian but muslims didn't go shooting at chruches and even mudering some other white ppl. the person who said terrorists are all f*ckuers or somethingm, yes they are, they're ALL idiots...but doesn't mean that ALL muslims are terrorists or that all muslims are 'idiots'.
    and cars aren't classified by religion, but when it comes from an islamic state like morocco, then i can consider it a muslim car cant I? if not, then fine...i return to my initial point...its not to see a muslim country produce a super car. for chrissake thats all i wanted my initial point to be
  7. FerrariF40NissanR390 said:

    P.S. Badneuz it is not wise to argue with americans like that after that tragedy, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and your damn country.

    Im not arguing! my god! i know it was a tragedy, for chrissake it made me sick and i cried when it happened just like millions of others did and many of these millions were muslims too. How am I feeling sorry for myself? how am i feeling sorry for my country(and i also dont really appreciate when u call my country [by the way which isn't morroco] a "damn" country) Im simply saying its nice to see a muslim country make a supercar. Then when the guy said the racist joke i was offended because its his stereotypical remarks (all muslims [anything associated with islam] are terrorists) Because these remarks are what influenced violent enraged people to kill innocent muslims and shoot at our mosques. Its what makes some violent angry muslims even more angry and you're just causing a negative energy and more hate in the world which is really what we dont need right now.
    I know it was a joke, and i can understand why some ppl find it funny, but u guys also need to understand why it offends muslims.
    And this is such a nice car! How could u not like this car??
  8. It is nice to see other cultures besides germany, britain and italy design and build supercars. But if you want to see an award winning design the world over take a look at the Cadillac Cien, It is internationally recognized as one of the greatest designs in decades. I'm not trying to toot the american horn here but as far as concepts go the Cien is about the best there is!
  9. i think what u just said is the only point we could ever agree on bud
  10. this car is as ugly as the muslim world , and as usual they take other ideas and parts and #$%# them up by intermixing them.
    whats the point in a muslim supercar when they dont have tarmac roads<IMG SRC="">
    stick to your goats and leave western ideals (such as cars) alone!!!!!!
    this is the gayest post i have ever seen , its like saying " have you seen the new klu klux klan viper"

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  11. woa! BADNEUZ looks like we have another racist a$$<!-- Signature -->
  12. Well, since no one is willing to answer me, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say:

  13. leave osama alone he will get whats coming to him<!-- Signature -->
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BMW M</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from GoatBoy389</i>
    <b>Quit bitching about muslim, and christian and morman and all that other religious stuff. This forum is to talk about cars. Get off that guys back, he only made a joke. He is probably upset with most of the Muslim world (middle eastern of course) and for him (like alot of people, myself included) humor is how he takes it out, instead of killing a muslim like you said, he just makes jokes about terrorists, is it really so f*cking bad?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    So your saying that just because the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, people are given the right to make racist jokes about muslims? By your ignorant logic, Jews should be allowed to make Nazi jokes and show racism against Germans, and black people should make racist jokes against southerners because of slavery and the Japanese are allowed to be racist against the Americans for the 2 A-Bombs dropped on Japan; and the list goes on an on........Affiliating muslims with terrorism is ignorance because then Americans can also be affiliated as terrorists on the basis of Timothy Mcveighs actions in the Oklahoma City bombing. We're living in the 21st Century and it disgusts me how such generalizations are made by people.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    very nicely said. i totally agree with u. <!-- Signature -->
  15. I have Muslim friends, and they're great, rascism is ridiculus, the whole theory falls apart when you meet one great "insert religion/race here"

    Having said that, I think the topic of this post is stupid. Why do you draw attention to this car because Muslims made it? I dont understand, you invite trouble by posting such a stupid statement.

    As misinformed as the klu klux clan viper statement was, I can see what hes trying to argue.

    I bet if I started a topic saying "iceland cant build cars for shit" no one would even take notice. But, If I said "the middle east cant build cars for shit" well my friends the shit would hit the fan,
  16. Im glad that everything is "off your chest" badneuz, but are you afraid to answer my last few posts? Am I too much for you to handle?
  17. This thread puts a smile on my face from ear to ear!
  18. no ferrarinissan whatever ur name is i just dont wanna do something as stupid and nerdy as argue over the internet...if u wanna start sh*t then quit talkin over the internet cuase ur defenitely all talk and i dont like discussing things with insolent, narrow minded and racist ppl, thanks for the offer tho.
    And to ek sponn civic, i drew attention to this car because like ive said many times before its nice to see a muslim country (i dont believe its been done before) make, or customize a great looking car like this one.
  19. Its nice to see The Muslim world produce some cars

    And what a car!!
    man this is a beautiful car!! if the performance isn't that great, ill probably not mind that much! cause this car is so damn fine looking!!! its like nicer than a diablo, 360, maranello
    nice, real nice
  20. yeah it's really nice to see the islamic world progressing ...
    i hope they will keep going ...
    about the's really fascinating...
    i liked it ..
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  21. I read in a Magazine that if you purchase one of these cars it comes with a free terrorist.
  22. yes!!!
    In Morocco it also exists a called manufacturer Menara, but he doesn't make a supercar, however it is already a Muslim car.
    Still in the Muslim world it has the concept Lybia Rocket (this is a supercar). Why don't they add Lybia Rocket in the site???<!-- Signature -->
  23. BugattiEB110SS Said:

    I read in a Magazine that if you purchase one of these cars it comes with a free terrorist.

    Man shut the F*ck up, thats not even f*ckin funny, Im f*ckin offended and mad. Do u know how many muslims have been murdered by ignorant racist basterds like you in response to 9/11? dont even joke around about this man, thats was a stupid, ignorant, racist joke that was simply wrong and just f*ckin gay.

    Im a muslim, and I was disgusted and terrified by the horrid acts of those FAKE muslims on 9/11 same with my father, uncle, mom, sister, grandfather, and all the godamn muslims i know. So shut the hell up and dont even think about joking around about that $hit, i cant believe u said that and i really hope u get banned or something for saying such a racist remark. not funny at all, that was just terrible.
    for chrissake i knew the world was ignorant but not THIS ignorant and immature...

    i want some ppl to write back in response to these post, wither mine or the racist f*ck's remarks.
  24. BadneuzLS4L - I feel you bro - tensions are high on this subject. But it's probably not a good idea to condemn a racist, ignorant, stupid comment with a homophobic one by calling it "fu*king gay." But understandably you are pissed so it happens.

    I love the styling of this car. I can't wait to see the official performance numbers.
  25. sorry, 5 spoke is right, i always u se that term gay - its wrong, sorry if i offended ne one.

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