Re: looks good but bad preformance

Discussion in '2000 Marcos Mantis GT' started by NeoGoatboy, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. You have to be joking? This is a great car. How many cars for the money are hand built. This car is a great in the GT Series.<!-- Signature -->
  2. hahaha im laughing because this forum has got to be a joke. ill be the first to admit that i am far from an expert on cars but i think i know that a 0-60 time of 3.7 aint half bad<!-- Signature -->
  3. you cant get much better for under 80k
    dont bag it coz i want one, guess ill have to put super monaro on hold

    oh yer if you want a realy sweet site go to it has sweet pics of all the cars in every cool color(the colors realy rock)
    and it makes the pics look like shit coz the cars look heaps better on the site<!-- Signature -->
  4. i must be missing something. Since when did a 3.7 0-60 become bad performance. Does your car go faster.. i dont think so.<!-- Signature -->
  5. This is the best car I have ever seen for the price<!-- Signature -->
  6. you guys, hes gotta be kiddin, anyone who has thier drivers liscence and knows anything about cars knows that 3.6s is a lot like a rocket and 288kph is basically flying, plus if he has done any reasearch on this car he would know that the skidpad results are amazing as well as the slalom and braking
  7. looks good but bad preformance

    506 hp, 1098 kg, 0-100 kph= 3.7, topspeed= 288kph.... could have been much better...
  8. Why do so many people seem to think that a car only qualifies as "super" if it has a V16, 4,000hp, and a 0-60mph time of 1.5 seconds? Try looking at a car in context. A hand built roadster with a 3.7 second 0-60 time would seem like a rocket if you were the one pushing the accelerator. I doubt anyone in here could actually any of the cars listed on this site (if you could you would be driving the car, not moaning about how Ford engines suck or how Acuras blow because their from Japan). Try bringing something intelligent to the table, instead of stupidity like "looks good but bad performance"
  9. I dont know how could this car not be good... its really cute and drives very very fast... it outruns alot of 200 g ferraris outthere.. so be carefull what you say about performance<!-- Signature -->

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