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    don't the rotary engines seem to die around 200 000 kms? I've never seen one over 200k without having a new motor or something. theres an old rx7 around my parts thats seems to smoke everyone but he had to drop a chevy 350 in it to make it run with the big boys.
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    Re: mustang vs. any rx7

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from big_len17</i>
    <b>GREY_RUNNER is a complete idiot. Have you ever seen the drag cars? They run sevens and they are a 1.3 liter which proves that Ford doesn't know how to make anything correctly. The 2002 Nissan Altima smokes the new Mustang, so does the WRX, Evo, Sti, M5 and guess what, they are all sedans!!! Ford's engineering sucks.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I just love people who read half a post then start making comments. I said that yes, there are some very quick rx-7 that run some amazing Œ mile times. But a STOCK rx-7 and a STOCK 2002 Cobra running, I would bet on the cobra. But you want to talk about modified cars, so be it. How about DOHC 4.6 liter mustangs running in the 7’s? Or how about pro-modified 5.0’s running in the 6’s, yes, I said sixes. Try this

    But I guess that’s a lie huh? I mean, you jap boys couldn’t be wrong? Hey hsckris, how does a 190 or 222 hp Maxima hold up to a car with 260 hp? It doesn’t you moron. I don’t care what you have done to your car, because then you are the fool. A modified car vs. a stock car? Sounds like someone is stacking the odds. How about this, take a $27,099 Maxima and put it up against a $23,220 mustang and make up the difference in add-ons. What do you got? I think it would be a Maxima in my rear-view.

    Now I have said this before, I am not attacking, but you 16-year-olds could not stand it, you had to argue, could not show some respect. You could not respect that there are more than one type of racing, and more than one type of car. You kids need to grow up.

    This matter is closed to me, don’t bother responding.
    You know, I guess will have to quit posting on here, it seems that 15 years under the hood of more cars that you have driven has made me not know anything.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from big_len17</i>
    <b>GREY_RUNNER is a complete idiot. Have you ever seen the drag cars? They run sevens and they are a 1.3 liter which proves that Ford doesn't know how to make anything correctly. The 2002 Nissan Altima smokes the new Mustang, so does the WRX, Evo, Sti, M5 and guess what, they are all sedans!!! Ford's engineering sucks.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I loved grey runners last post, follow the link, its true. you could also pick up an issue of 5.0 mustang and read it (at what ever pathetic speed you are able to comprhend and absorb information)The fact you compared a mustang to an M5 proves your stupidity. A 2003 cobra would eat this car for breakfast, it has 390 hp estimated to actaully be 420 and runs the quarter in about 12.3 and all for about 32 grand. Dont cry, "cudgel thy brains no more about it, for your dull as will not mend his pace with beating". The possibility of you identifying this quote goes in hand with the rx7 beating a cobra mustang.
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    Once for all:

    The Rustang is killed on a race track.
    Drag race is only for pleople that don't know breaking and handling well their car.
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    maxima's are great cars, pretty quick and with very good handling for a midsized 4 door sedan that costs less the $30000. however, they are not quicker than a mustang gt. both the maxima and mustang gt make 260 horsepower, with the mustang having an advantage in the torque department. in a road course setting, it would probably a be a fairly close race, due to the maximas agility. on the drag strip however, i doubt that a maxima could could keep up. the mustang run 0-60 in about 5.5, the maxima in about 6.6 with the 6 speed se. the rx7 would pretty much trash a mustang gt, but it would be a decent race, whether on a road course or drag strip with a cobra. if ford had any sense, they would take the dohc 4.6l v8 making 300 hp from the now dead lincoln mk8 and drop it into the mustang gt to make it more competitive with the camaro and firebird. seeing as those cars are soon to be killed off, i doubt that the gt will have 300 horsepower anytime soon though.
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    what about the gross hp that the fr200 focus is putting out, it nuts. thats out of like a 2.0l engine. thats those stupid ford engineers though right? I not to sure but I think that its putting out over 400bhp and the svt focus with a (a jackson racing)supercharger is up to 240bhp with a price of a litte over 20 grand canadian.
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    if you look at the price tag difference you can take the money that you saved by buying a mustang gt,into the car, with the 15 or 20 gs that you saved you can have your stang doin low 8's in the quarter, and pushin 800 horses, with money to spare. and another thing is that you could even drop in a ford racing 351w which puts out 425 hp out of the crate, and build off that too if wanted, but in the future for the stang to be competitive it will have to come with the 351w stock.
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    "The RX-7 is the better of the two. It looks better, is faster, handles better and doesn't need a 500L engine to hit 140. The mustang is overweight, ill handling and gets cancelled out by the rotation of the earth."

    i defense of mustangs, they do not need a 500L motor to go 140. i got a stock (for now) '96 gt and had it up to 160. now the rx-7 is a different breed of car and i don't feel its a good comparison. compare it to the vette, that would be a good race!
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    hahaaaaiiiii......u just insulted rx-7 for comparing mustang with it.........
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    Gray Runner... you have youre sh!t straight. every post on here has been reasonable, well thought out and backed up.

    Big Len... Yeah all those cars listed cost quite a bit more than a stang. how can you compare a WRX sti and an M5 to a mustang. just a tad bit o price diff. The mustang has its place in the market, to provide decent to great performance for the price. how can you bash that. yeah those are great cars, but lets keep it reasonable

    Mazrx7... You are a complete jackass. Ive seen some of your posts, and after seeing your post in here, i thought id look at your most recent words of wisdom. they all consist of: hahaha, that car sucks or youre a idiot. and lets not forget the many "SUPRAS SUCK" comments. You have yet to say anything that is inteligent. whats the point of coming here? you dont contribute at all.

    Now for my 2cents. This is definately a great car, and yes it has a lot of potential to be tweaked. but stock i dont think it could take anything more than the GT (which in my opinion is kinda weak right now) the SVT would most likely take it, the saleen also, but this is a aftermarket car. Who ever said a better compare would be the Vette... you just plain wrong, a C5 would beat this in all aspects of driving, the Z06 even more so(the price issue come in here) When are you all going to drop the vettes are crap thinking, they are great cars, thats not even considering the fact that they cost very little. This included makes the vette one of if not the best car on the market for the price.<!-- Signature -->
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    You seem to forget that this is a TURBO rotary, and it has plenty of torque, similar to what's available in a WRX STI or Lancer GSR EVO VI.

    Both are sold here in Australia (well the RX7 up until 97 NEway).

    Ford Rustang Cobra 0-100km's in 6.2 sec, quarter mile in 14.66.
    Mazda RX7 Bathurst (197 kilowatts, not the 206 model mentioned here)
    0-100km's an hour in 5.5 sec, quarter in 13.6 seconds.

    Then of course you hit the first corner and the old 'Stang is left for dead. The thing looks like it was designed (and feels like it was built) in the 1980's (inside and out) - and what's with the fake air intakes behind the doors? Ha ha ha.

    Seriously though, any mustang is completely outclassed by this car.
    You should stick to comparing it to other American mustle cars and not true sports cars because it will be embarrased every time.<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: mustang vs. any rx7

    then hes an idiot. People don't maintain them properly thats all. They run fine.

    Secondly, the guy that mentioned twin turbos. Thats great. Its a 1.3ltr engine. Whats the mustang? 4.6-5.0? V8. Smart.

    The mustang costs more in australia so i don't give a #$%# about the price in america. Somewhere else in the world the price is different.

    The bathurst edition RX7 is a production model. all the 178kw cars ran mid 5s and 13.4 1/4s. this mades upwards of 30-40kw more, and its lighter do the maths.

    Not tunable? or

    go check them out. As for the existing cobra, in australia they can't crack mid 14s in it. And the 2003 isn't out yet is it? If its not don't compare it your going on speculation not fact.

    On a track the RX7 would hand it its arse. The bathurst edition is called it because it won the 12 hour three years in a row before they stopped using it. That was up against porsches, V8s everything.

    They still race them here, and they still win.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferrari4ever123</i>

    Mustang Vs. RX7

    I think that the RX7 vs Z06 battle was a little more serious

    listen...a mustang can be beaten by a 1.8L Acura Integra Type R

    Mustang 1/4 = 15 something
    Integra 1/4 14.6

    now that is funny

    RX7 stock is 13.7

    You Saleen will also get spanked......if the RX7 and the Stang have the same HP there will be no know why the Japanese never compare the 2 cars.....because they know it is a hot pile of dosen't have the class to hang with a RX7</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    A V6 maybe. Not that the standard GT with the 4.6 is fast, but it will definitly break 15 and likely 14 with a decent driver. <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote Dont cry, "cudgel thy brains no more about it, for your dull as will not mend his pace with beating". The possibility of you identifying this quote goes in hand with the rx7 beating a cobra mustang.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hamlet act 5 scene 1, fool. Cudgel not thy brains whenst thou ist beaten by thine RX7.<!-- Signature -->
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    go timmahh, im an australian also, i totally agree, and don't you find the jap vs. seppo debate hilarious?

    to grey runner, you write: "But if you want ugly, you ought to see some of the ricer mobiles cruising around in Georgia."

    i wonder who actually buys and then modifies those japanese cars you talk about. i doubt there are many japanese in georgia.

    when talking about the price of the cars, of course the mustang will be cheaper than the RX-7 if bought in america and the RX-7 would be cheaper than a mustang if bought in japan if the japanese were stupid enough to import them.

    in Australia where they are both imported (so price can be accurately compared)the RX-7 costs about $85 000, and the mustang about
    AUD$115 000 which has been totally rejected by australian car buyers. without national pride getting in the way of our judgement the mustang got burnt in all its reviews and i see less mustangs than maseratis and bentleys on the streets because they are shit cars which no one wants here.

    Ford really need to change the whole car if they are to make a go of the mustang, because since it was first biult in the sixties or whatever the mustang remains a car with nothing but a great engine.
    e.g the GT500 with it something like 500hp and DRUM BRAKES! there's not denying the engine is great but a car needs a good gearbox, suspension, brakes and a rigid chassis (pronounced shassy, not chazzeee)

    im not sure if mustangs can actually beat the RX-7 off the mark but it would eat shit when it starts to turn with that loose chassis flexing left, right and centre while it slides all over the track
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    i hate domestics.
    mustangs are awful. mustangs have about twice the size of the rx7. and it still cant beat it. mustangs are big, heavy, and just plain goofy. when it comes down to straight out acceleration the rx7 would beat a stang gt(it would be close).Remember stangs are 4.6, about 1.3.
    when it comes to handling, no question rx7 would whoop gt. quality, mazda produces quality cars(all jap companies). fords, well they're just poor quality.(american cars-start breaking down 3-4 years).<!-- Signature -->
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    I hate to be the one to bust ALL of your bubbles, but.. FORD OWNS MAZDA. They have for a few years now. That means that Ford had its hands in the production of this 2002 Mazda Rx-7, as well as the amazing 1.3 liter, 250 bhp, NATURALLY ASPIRATED rotary in the new rx-8. Thus, do not call American engineers idiots. Do not underestimate the power of the rotary engine. And lastly, don't compare a rustang to an Rx-7. A 93, the last model you can buy in the US, costs about $20000 with 40-80 thousand miles. And despite what everyone here believes, they can and will last more than 200 thousand. This is of course assuming you do all of the necessary work to maintain it, and don't drag race the car every day. No car can be expected to last under that much pressure.. for example, carts, nascar, funny cars.. they all get rebuilt after every race. Most importantly however, is that it runs a 5.0 second 0-60, faster than the GT, and close, if not better than the CURRENT cobra, not the one that doesn't exist yet. <!-- Signature -->
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    Mustang Vs. RX
    What the #$%# is wrong with you. I love the RX and I love the Mustang, why would you want to race the two, they are total opposites.You Dumb mo fo, you are acting like a chevy fan. "Mah Chevy can beat your foard (speaking with accent)."
    You #$%#in retard, i cannot believe that a ford fan could be so retarded, you bring shame to us all.

    <!-- Signature -->
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    I have a video where an Rx7 blew away a Mustang. Rx7s are great cars.
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    Some of are fools to think a mustang could blow away a mustang. I have a 94 Rx7 Twin Turbo. I bought it for $20,000 used and if your asking me thats a much better deal than a mustang considering my RX7 stock put out 288 horsepower and it was running high 10's low 11's after I got intake and a new exhaust system put on by Greddy. Once I get my T-66 turbos installed I'm gonna be pushing about upwards of 600-700 horsepower which is enough to blow away any mustang that could have the same amount of horsepower because it is also much much lighter than a mustang. I'd say it's probably about a good 400-500 pounds lighter which would make quite a difference.
    A RX7 will always dominate over any mustang and thats that!!!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TonyMontana</i>
    <b>yea, basically mustang is garbage. i would like to take a dump on any mustang that tried to front this RX-7. yup. i'd take a big 'ol dookie right on the hood...rx-7 is badass, but supra TT is still my number one ride. even though its heavier, it can be tuned to do anything. Supra can be defined in one word...Punisher. Supra4Life.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sledehammerdude</i>
    <b>You guys are morans. If you look, a Mazda is a ford product, not a Japanese car. The reason they don't compare them is because you don't compare two of your own cars. Rx7's are fast, I used to have one and they haul. Try racing one and you will lose.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Mazda bought the engine rights for the rotary from a German desighner after WWII. In a risky gamble they put all their effort into perfecting and selling a rotary car. The rotary is about a Japanese as it gets. Ford just bought Mazda and the rotary along with them. But this is very much a Japanese car. Technicly American maybe, but not in any real sense.<!-- Signature -->
  22. some mazda kids did not have there juice this morning, ford owns mazda the rx7 is just mazdas version of a mustang.

    Mustang fr500 would beat any chevy or ford. 450hp <!-- Signature -->
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    The RX-7 is about a Japanese as it gets. Read previous post. Its about like a Mustang like a Yugo is a Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Are you stupid~!!! You must be to say what you said~!<!-- Signature -->
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    All I gotta say is that I love RX-7's

    Everyone has a damn Mustang, and RX-7's arn't too common where I live (Toronto)

    Plus, they look like damn Vipers (which I also love)

    Anyways this car is much better then a Stang


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