Re: Mustangs make me cry because they are such sad cars.

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by killer69, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. K artemenko, genius. If you touch roof or not is almost IRRELEVANT to your height. It depends on the length/height of your torso. This is usually proportional to one's overall height, but some short people have freakishly long torsos and hence require more headroom.
  2. Killer69,
    (Pathetic name by the way.) If Ford is so sad, then why are you even here looking at their cars? Maybe because you are just here to rile some people up and get a lot of replies. Go crawl back into your mama's #$%# you low life stupid son of a ***** b/c aparently nobody cares for you in this world.
  3. At least his name is more descriptive than just stating your obsession (btw I've had enough difficulty getting them to send me a password, I've used 6 usernames and haven't actually signed off until a few weeks ago so let's not even discuss it), His means he gives killer69(though likely it has nothing to do with cunnilingus - each to his own, and granted it's somewhat crude) at least it's a bit more creative than claiming that you're obsessed with mustangs.
  4. -1 for a stupid comment.

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