Re: Performance Bargain!!!!

Discussion in '1985 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC' started by MAD BAD EDD, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Performance Bargain!!!!

    Brilliant car. Affordable. Understadted stylish. Can pull fit chicks.
    Most importantly fast! But dont pimp it up like this one. God I hate people who put daft wheels and chrome wheelarches on these. They are dickheads, because the car looked great anyway. <!-- Signature -->
  2. Man this 5 litre v8 don't juz produce 184bhp???? and a top speed of 84.5mph????? At least 275bhp and a top speed of 140mph.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Pre 1989 cars have 231bhp and will do 141mph. Post 1989 cars (like my Dad's) have 252bhp and a top speed of 150mph<!-- Signature -->
  4. Also they were all auto I think. And will someone get a decent picture! This one has AWFUL chrome wheelarches. I mean, this car looks nice, so why the #$%#ing hell do you want to show you have no taste watsoever by putting mingin chrome wheelarches on one.
    Here is a picture of my Dad's pukka 1990 500 SEC. <!-- Signature -->
  5. the picture is bad.
    if you're going to show a modified one at least show mine.

    the stats are very wrong.<!-- Signature -->
  6. yea the stats and the crome arches suck, but those Lorinser rims fit the car pretty well i think...

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