Re: So, is this thing gonna dethrone the F1?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by JMS, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. psch! tha F1 was dethroned al long time ago. But ferrari should be coming back with a comeback, they make some sweet ass cars.
  2. So, Japanesesupercars, what dethroned the F1 long ago? No NSX, Skyline, GT-ONE, R390, etc, etc, etc...

  3. true the Mclearan F1 owns the race track....but still in my opinion the all time car is still the 1968 Ford GT40.....oh wow
  4. Who cares if the McLaren F1 could be faster, I'd still buy the Bugatti purely because it would scare the shit out of all WRX drivers.
  5. remember who owns the record, that would be the Corvette SledgeHammer, till someone beats it, the american muscle is still king<!-- Signature -->
  6. Being the fastest car in the world is a worthless attempt, Even on the race track you aren't going to hit 250 mph let alone the real world, Mclaren and Bugatti need to take classes in the School of Ferrari. Ferrari's new monster is going to have more power and less weight than even the F50 and it's only suppose to do about 205 mph because ferrari knows that no one, not even people on the autobahn, drive around at 250 mph, Mclaren was stupid to go for top speed. Ferrari knows the value of G-force, The F60 is going to accelerate better in everyway than the Mclaren, 60 in 3.0 flat, 100 in less than 6, 1 G+ on the skidpad. The F60 is going to blow all these cars away 100 times over!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  7. Look guys, you're comparing a road car (an outrageous one at that) an an F1 car. That's not fair! Sure, the Buggati can outrun an F1 car with it's top speed, but how about cornering? If you want top speed, here's one for ya. Thrust SSC by Richard Noble. 1200+ kph!
  8. Ok,, theres no question that the F1 is a great supercar. BUT!! who makes the engine??

  9. i think so, but this i way to fast on any norwegian roads may take it out on the german auto road. i dont understand what the meaning of producing sutch a fast car....?
  10. Okay so this thing has a faster top speed and more grunt than the f1, but the mclaren f1 won Le mans on its first outing, it is a born racer not.The power from turbochargers when you can get immediate response from the bmw v12, just like in an F1. If you ask me the veyron is like sticking a 747 jet engine on a fighter jet. It may have more power, but the there is no control.
    When the brm v16 came into formula one in the fifties, it had awesome grunt but the power band was so small and fiddly that even stirling moss said it was the worst car he had ever driven; so how is someone gonna control the power lag from 4 turbochargers, when this thing goes from a barely controllable 600 odd bhp to a ridiculous 1000bhp, a coulple of moments after you have stuck your foot down?
    Besides where is the style in a turbo charged couple of v8's compared to the legendary desighn of a V12.
    You can stick four turbochagers in an F1 and you would probably get more than 1000 bhp, but there is areason why they didn't do that.

    The only positive in the veyron over the F1 is the introduction of air valves - i think this is the first road car with that innovation?
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from japenese supercars</i>
    <b>psch! tha F1 was dethroned al long time ago. But ferrari should be coming back with a comeback, they make some sweet ass cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Ferrari can't compete with these to bulls! MCLAREN RULES!<!-- Signature -->
  12. The lag is going to be almost non-exsistent in this car look where the torque comes in at 2200rpm, you get 922 ft/[email protected], and probably 75% of that at as low as 1500rpm. This car is going to have a sweet surge of power i'd say around 4,500rpm and thats about it, It's not going to be squirrly it has AWD to cope with the immense torque. The only thing I can see a problem being is it's handling, It doesn't look much like a car that can out handle the mclaren. Other that that I see this car blowing away any car from 0 to 150mph and everything in between and thats what most americans want is raw acceleration.<!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from McLaren_Man</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from japenese supercars</i>
    <b>psch! tha F1 was dethroned al long time ago. But ferrari should be coming back with a comeback, they make some sweet ass cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    hey man just wait for some times and Ferrari will be back to kick somemore asses.<!-- Signature -->
  14. #$%# yes, this thing has a #$%#in quad turbo, 16 cylinders, all-wheel drive. Anyone watch gt racing? well derek bell has that audi and off the start he kicks total ass, this thing has 3 times the horsepower and three times the torque.
  15. Umm hasnt the McLaren already been fethroned by a car named Dauer wich can do 400 kmh and IS street legal AND I think they made several Dauers.

    ???<!-- Signature -->
  16. I DON't know why this homepage do not have
    the porsche turbocharged 917 and 962(race version)
    they both outperform the bugatti
    both having >1100 bhp and much lighter body
    around 1100kg
    it can accerlerate from 0-200kph in 5.3 s
    and having a top speed around 400+

    btw there's no match for bugatti and the F1
    in terms of handling and accerleration
    I don't think this car can do 225kph in
    5s time.And i wanna say that formula one
    can do 450+ easily with suitable gear ratio
    but no one attempt to do that because it's not pratical
    on the track.

    in a race, acceleration and handling rulz,not the
    topspeed,so i think Formula 1 still rulz.

    consider the style of this car,it just like a giant
    audi :(.CARRERA GT is much better so as most of the
    FERRARI like 360.It's not any exotic ,it don't makes
    you feel that "men, I am the fastest race car on earth"

  17. It will dethrone the F1 in top speed only, the McLaren will spin brodies all around this heavy beast and then dart off around the corners before it can catch up. It is just a super fast luxo-barge for the overly wealthy who want to show off their money. The McLaren is a pure bred racing machine for people who (should) know how to drive.
  18. HAYELL NO!!!
    but damn, quad turbo?!?! QUAD!!! shit, dats one foine car....
    how much shit iz in dat engine?
  19. I have to agree with Monkeyboy (I laugh just saying that phrase) This is not a race car like the F1. It's not designed to be. As I have said, this is ment to be a true Bugatti! Which means a car that is everything that no other road car out there is. 16 cylinders, quad turbo, 1000HP, 7-speed, luxary better than anything, and obviously... those things will result in amazing performance! It's not ment to be a superfast racecar. If it is faster than the F1, then it is (in my oppinion) obsolutely the best automobile ever created. However, beating the F1 is not Bugatti's intention... it would just be a bonus if it happened!
  20. heres the deal.....personally id rather have the is faster than the mclaren and we will have to see whenever the other times for the car comes out because you all have no idea how well it will run around the stop saying the mclaren is gonna beat the hell out of it on the track, because you have no idea
  21. As a Street Car this Bugatti is eons better than the F1. You could drive this thing cross coutry at ridiculous speeds without feeling exhausted. The F1 after a half an hour of driving you got to take a nap!!

    Bugatti #1 Hyper exotic super car... This car looks better inside and out than the F1, more gears to play with and AWD Stability for those rainy days. Not to mention it's faster accelerates and Top Speed.

    This car is the ultmate driving machine (sorry BMW)<!-- Signature -->
  22. It will not "dethrown" the McLaren... It may have abtter top speed but with a body weight of a car like that my dads old 87' Chevy Stectrum can do better at Curves and Turnes
  23. uhhm...
    damn, which Ferrari and /or Porsche can beat the McLaren?
    not the F50, not the 959, no car from these manufacturers, because the McLaren is a much more advanced product, but LIKE we said at the beginning (page 1 or 2 of this discussion) technology moves on, and what was once king of the hill a few years back now is bested by a technologically superior machine...

    but then...
    the Bugatti and the McLaren are different cars, so different that they aim for a different public,a nd no I dont think the Bugatti is a 4 wheeled couch on stereoids, but sure, its supposed to be more comfortable than the McLaren perhaps because its a GT car not a F1-inspired, ready for racing-car<!-- Signature -->
  24. It's about time

    I personally believe it's about time we have a new supercar on the block that will challenge the F1. The F1 has been around for about 6 or 7 years I think... that's a long time if you ask me. It's getting kinda boring.
    I personally believe this car looks awesome, perhaps the only thing against it is the funny little grille in the middle... which is however based on original bugatti styling.
    In a straight line, I think this car would destroy the F1. It has small turbos which will spool up extremely fast and provide near supercharger-like boost. The added advantage of the twin clutch and 4wd system makes this car have the potential to be an out-of-factory drag car.
    Around corners... well look at the car, it's extremely low, extremely aerodynamic and has big fat wide rubber on it, as well as 4wd allowing it to corner at slightly higer speeds without fear of excessive power oversteer on exit. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge this car's handling ability. The only real advantage the F1 has is its construction, making it much lighter all around. Where the Mclaren would gain an edge on this car in the corners, the Bugatti would quickly make up for that with the sheer power out of the corners.
    Overall I think this is a much cooler car than the Mclaren F1 (and I think the Mercedes CLK-GTR is too.)
    Oh.... by the way, I'm sure there'll be an idiot on these forums somewhere that'll swear a Nissan Skyline GTR is obviously going to be faster and better handling than said supercars.... *sigh* the retards we live with in this world :p

    <!-- Signature -->
  25. Y'all need to consider some things.
    1) We are talking stock, production vehicles people. So that means, no aftermarket vipers and other sh!t like that. And also, what can you possibly do to this car. I don't think there can be any other aftermarket parts to improve this cars ability. I believe it's maxed out.
    2) These cars were produced and designed in totally different time periods, so it is natural for a car like this to be faster and produce more hp than the McLaren. But it's kinda pathetic that all that power (via quad turbos) has gone into this car just to make it faster by 10mph.
    3) The stats for this car are total estimations. And even if they weren't estimations, it was probably tested with the interior undone. Companies know ways of telling you stats but not telling what was necessary to achieve those stats.
    4) The production model will probably have a limitation chip or features of the excluded to make the car have less horsepower (probably twin turbos instead of quad turbos).

    McLaren was a unique and very elagant car. This car has very odd look to it. I don't believe it will dethrone the McLaren, but one day some car will.

    This car seems very excessive in its attempt for power, don't you think?<!-- Signature -->

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