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  1. Vee8killer, heres the key word, BOSS HOSS, and do your research , that right there is the true essence of speed. my times might have been off by a few tenths of a second, but nonetheless, show me something that will beat it, and i will shut up.
  2. doesn't quite look like a mini from where i'm seeing it, you must be of the same tribe that thinks a new beetle looks like an audi tt...........big difference, i applaud ford for actually bringing a cool design to market sucessfully. it is a heck of a lot cooler then the car it replaced, in fact, it has to be the coolest design ford has ever done recently. now lets hope they bring the gt40 to us.
  3. this is very off topic, but can anyone give me the wiring diagram for a 1997 ford contour? im installing a new cd deck and i dont know what wires go where. ford really #$%#ed up on the colour coding.
    oh, and btw this car probably looks sweet in real life. a true cruiser
  4. I am afraid that I do not know of any sites right off the top of my head that has wiring diagrams. If you have to, the best thing to probably do would be go and pick up a Haynes Automotive Manuel. They usually run between 10-15 bucks and can be picked up at any auto store (generally Auto Zone is the cheapest). I keep one on hand for both of my cars.<!-- Signature -->
  5. The Retro thing is cool. Its not my taste, but it is nice to see a "new" design per-say. The weight concerns me though... If its classified as a luxary, I can understand its numbers. I guess thats why its doesn't race the Lotus on the commercial.
    Im glad Ford took this approach, it would be nice if other companies did the same.
    As for the 0-60 in 2 seconds comment... HUH??? 2 second 0-60?, street legal? gimme a break!!! What is it? I want to buy one!!!

    Audi TT's are nice and have potential... I guess you could call me a goofy white guy, but in actuality, I would rather have an NSX over an Audi TT... or both..what the hell.

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  6. it's ugly. it's slow. it sucks. for about the same price i'll take a corvette, a TT, a boxter, an MR2, or just about anything else on 4 wheels in that price range. as for the t-bird vs. nsx, are you joking, you could even spend the $70k or so that you would have left over by buying a used t-bird on upgrades and you couldn't get it to look, handle, and have the performance of the nsx.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Ok, to get back on topic, this car is sweet. Its not supposed to be fast, but its a great cruiser and very comfortable. Pictures dont do much, i got the chance to see one in person and sit in it, before i wasnt nuts about but now i love it. Go Ford!
  8. Man why are we even comparing nsx to a thunderbird? God man do you go to a hummer thread and yell "MY NSX CAN KICK THIS HUMMERS ASS IN RACING!"

    as for the nsx yes its a cute car but god not at that price. <!-- Signature -->
  9. what? i've seen it as well and i still think it's ugly (though i agree it does look better than in pictures). i know it's not meant for speed but there are still many roadsters available for about the same price that are better. it's good to see ford is being daring with their styling, but like pontiac and the aztec i feel they failed. perhaps if it cost $10k less its "cuteness" might be more appealing.
  10. And it cruises so elegantly all the traffic passes it by......
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  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Schlee</i>
    <b>vee8killer "Do the same mods to an NSX. See who is faster. NSX Type-S in japan runs 12.90's from the factory."

    Fucking idiot, same mods would #$%# up the NSX's performance most likely and another thing anyone who knows dick about cars and don't go off of rumors knows damn well you put enough money and time in to "ANY" car and the #$%#er can run 10's or lower. Ever heard of NMRA? I'm a neutral guy but give credit where credit is due. You should watch NMRA racing whenever I'd love to see an NSX that can do 6's or less. I really would.

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    If a car is modded enough to do a 6 it probably would have no stock parts from the original car left, so whats the point?
    If you buy a NSX your probably more interested in handling anyway...<!-- Signature -->
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Moose</i>
    <b>Sorry, after reading some of the BS on here i couldnt sit here and not say something. So whats a NSX cost nowadays? last i heard it was upwards of 80 grand! I can a name a number of vehicles for 1/2 the price that would run with it, and even beat it, matter of fact i went for a ride today in something that cost $30,000 with no mods, a nice american v-8, and a whole lot of power that would destroy anything you can bring up against it. Heres a sneak peek.......0-60 2.0 sec, 1-100 5.0, and yes its street legal. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    My 8-Reindeer powered sleigh does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds HAH!

    I doubt that $30k car is real, or those numbers are made up - you realise that means a 8-9 second quarter mile.

    My new car i'm setting up, a skyline GTS25t, has only cost me $12,000 USD so far, and I have 500hp with a target of 600.
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  13. I have three questions to ask you.

    1. What kind of tires were you using to get that time?

    2. What kind of weight reductions have you made to it?

    3. How many states is it street legal in?

    Also about tuning for the NSX: I just heard that Jackson Racing is producing a dual supercharger setup for the NSX that is supposed to debute mid-02"; cannot wait to see what that does.<!-- Signature -->
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    The MN-12 platform, is IMHO one of the best ford has produced. According to this page a 2000 Acura NSX-T is 13.5. For a Heavily mod T-Bird (meaning that you still have the original engine, believe me you can fit a Triton 5.4l under the hood. The benifits of a modular engine) the fast time slip I have found is a 11.989. That beats an NSX by a whole 1.5 seconds.
    If any of you need proof heres the web link

    Not bad for a car that heavy.
  15. To whoever said something about the commercial with the "ferrari" (actually i was told it was a lotus dumbass). They start to race, the girl gets out of the ferrari.. Says 3.2.1 go and the lotus takes off. The thunderbird stays still and the girl gets in the t-bird. That right there is what the new tbird is all about. Add 20g twin turbos, a new exhaust, blah blah blah. And you can get somewhere in performance. But i doubt anyone would do that.

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