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  1. exactly nothin touches a 426 hemi!
  2. nope, nothin does.
  3. Hello!!!!!

    Yes the Barracuda was the first Pony car (read up on Hot Rod, they mentioned it about a year and a half ago). The problem, the things are INCREDABLY ugly, so no one likes to admit they were first. Thats the main reason they dont call it a fish car. But the again, Pony car sounds so much better than fish car, doesnt it?
  4. Nothing beats a well prepared small block E-Body!!!! Gotta love'm!!!!!!!
  5. First off, Cuda and Challenger are pony cars. Were they the first? No. But were they the best? Yes. To the comment of the GTO being a pony car. Dude what are you smoking? Pony car compared to muscle car isnt how much horse is under the hood. Its the size and weight of the car that makes it what it is. Im a owner of a 69 Superbee. You think that car is a pony car? HAHAHA, my bee weighs around 3200 lbs where the cudas and challengers are around 2700-2800, not inclusing the driver. A lot of more sheet metal. Also, along with the peeps talking about the cuda's with the hemi's and 440+6's. Yes they are fast, highly fast and easy to work on. Prolly one of the thoughest cars to beat on the road back in the day. Hell still hard now. And who said they looked ugly? Dude, rustangs then and still now look like crap to me. Ford should have looked at Dodge for looks.
  6. NO, the original Pony car was the Mustang, the name for the segment came from it and the Camaro.
  7. Its actually 64 gto...they shoe horned a 325hp 389 into a new tempest based car
  8. No No No you guys are all wrong the '64 Barracuda came out two weeks before Ford marketed the Mustang.
  9. The original "PONY" car was the Mustang. Thats where the name came from. The 64 GTO was the original muscle car.
  10. why isn't the chevelle ss 454 and the dodge daytona (with the huge spoiler) on this website?
  11. actually it's more like 620hp for a 528
  12. unfourtanetly mustangs came out first.
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  14. barracuda was first.. period

    a lot of die hard Mopar people want the firepower powered 50's mopars (dodge d500) to be proclaimed 1st muscle car also.. considering thats how people like dan gourney got started..

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