Re: The Porsche GT1R beat this car

Discussion in '1993 McLaren F1 GTR' started by mclaren777, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Don't forget that the Porsche was on the fringe of the rules regarding eligibility.<!-- Signature -->
  2. ok first of all we talk about the street cars not the le mans ones so wut the #$%# are you talkin bout. You say you dont like it when people talk shit so then wut? you go and talk shit wut are you a retard your defenatly not a doctor.

    and it was right on its ass so take that and it dominated '95<!-- Signature -->
  3. Atman, the GTR is a racecar, not a road car.
    <!-- Signature -->
  4. Atman u #$%#ing dumass, this was the finish line
    #1 Porsche GT1R
    #2 Porsche GT1R
    #3 Nissan R390 GT1
    #4 McLaren F1 GTR
    So what da hell are talking about, it was only on the GT1's ass in 1 race, but overall, PORSCHE came first. So shut up you #$%#ing #%$..............
  5. its not who finishes the race first retard its how many laps they get in in that time period. Porsche might dominate le mans but McLaren will dominate the streets remeber fo those of you who try to talk shit there are no turbos in this baby none were needed<!-- Signature -->
  6. Look u #$%#er, BMW made the engine for the McLaren, the reason why they didn't put a turbo in is because BMW doesnt use them you #%$, so dont tell me they didnt need one. GOD, SOME FUCKING PEOPLE ARE JUST GAY...
  7. Atman, what the #$%# are you talking about????!!!!!! Your #$%#ing all over the place. THINK first!!!! Rock on Dr.!<!-- Signature -->
  8. ur a f_ckin asshole.....if u think the porshe is better then the McLaren u can go to fu(kin hell because u are a *****
  9. The Cayenne is GNASTY
    and thats why porsche quit making the GT1!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from tiger005</i>
    <b>The Cayenne is GNASTY
    and thats why porsche quit making the GT1!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    true that tiger, rock on man!!!!!!!!!!!

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