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  1. The V-angle?

    What's the V-angle of this motor?
    And what are the other new F1 cars' V-angles?
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  2. V angles r just the angles at which the oposing cylinders r to eachother... u can get fomr 1 to 179 degress... but 180 are called "flat" engines...<!-- Signature -->
  3. This engine and most other F1 engines are set at 90 degrees, But Renault has a 110 degree engine that is the widest V10 in the group... I think
  4. LOL, Deepangel...he knows what a V-angle is, he was asking what the actual numbers are for the individual engines.<!-- Signature -->
  5. I believe everyone but Renault runs a 90 except Renault as stated above.<!-- Signature -->
  6. I think the AsiaTech, formerly the Peugeot motor, still runs a 72 degree angle...but that engine sucks so it makes sense.
  7. Thanks!
    And YES I was wondering about the degree of the angle, NOT about what is a Vee?LOL<!-- Signature -->
  8. does the angle of a v-configured engine change it's performance in producing torque, horsepower, displacement, weight, or others???<!-- Signature -->
  9. You can't say adjusting the v-angle one way or another will increase power torque etc. It will change the engine characteristisc- the v-angle is usually a parameter that is set in the early phase of the design like the number of cylinders and capacity.

    Most road cars have a 60 degree angle because this is very smooth- 90 is probably max power etc.

    One for the technicions I think...
  10. the v angle is mostly widened in F1 car to get the lowest possible centre of gravity, in fact this car and the former ferrari and new BMW and Honda engine will all be greater than 90 degrees, peace<!-- Signature -->
  11. Ferrari run 90
    Mercedes run 110 this year
    Renault run 111
    Well that is what the teams claim and they do not have to tell the truth, so i may be wrong.

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