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  1. gsolinas IF YOU POST AGAIN im going to tear your limbs off your body god your soo annoying with your euro is the best stuff my fav part is where you tried to talk trash on american military so so sad my friend no matter what f ing country you are you protected your ass or supported your ignint ass finacially in a economic crisis so i think you should shut your mouth

  2. Btw thats me on the teal blue 66 stang and i will make you my ***** if you post again
  3. I think if a big car manufacturer like chevy or ford wanted to they could but being the HUGE business that they are it isnt worth their while to do so.....they leave that up to the Germans, Italians, and the smaller more precise car companies. It simply is not high up on their priorities list to make super duper bat mobiles for a very minimal market for such a product. Keep in mind its all about marketing and how to make $$$$$$$$. This Vette isnt going to make money because there is only one. Its all economics.
  4. Right on ottdave, captainmorgn, and all the others supporting American cars. I give all of you guys props. I don't give gsolinas and MCLAREN99 props because they're gay #%$got partners who #$%# each other.
  6. where's the 2nd one?
  7. A lot of broken records in this forum. Either your bringing up some kind of heavily modified (in some cases one off) American cars with a good straight line time or a Lemans car.
    Ok fine Ferrari isn’t a Lemans circuit car yet (despite having 9 victories in almost as many years) but is it not at the forefront of Formula 1. How many years have they won in a row now?
    Put a stock car on the road, (produced and sold) like the Saleen S7 which I respect and we’ll talk but Ligenfelter and Hennessy shit doesn’t mean anything to me. Cars get modified in Europe too, I’m interested in stock cars.

    As much as I hate going back to that military shit I can’t help get aggravated when someone acts like the world owes the U.S. a favour. First off your military terrorises as many people as it helps, and it helps countries more to protect the U.S. economy rather than anyone else’s. But even if you were all hero’s don’t your own history books state that had it not been for the French in your own revolution the Union Jack would still be up over Washington, and not the Stars and Stripes? Stick to what you know.

    Ottdave, there I posted again, come get crippled fat ass.
  8. Better start tearing limbs off....ooooo thats gotta hurt
  9. Gsolinas, we have a good military. It's the damn politicians you should blame for being evil. They're the ones controlling the military. Besides, we protect your countries so they won't hate on us, you idiot!
  10. I agree with your first sentence, but could we stick to cars?
  11. Fine. Just don't insult America. That's all were asking.
  12. After reading through these pages, I must say I'm impressed with a lot of bias from both sides of the Atlantic (I'm from Norway by the way). Just to make a few people angry with me:

    I do acknowledge the top speed of this car - it's blistering fast - but it isn't the fastest production car, it's an one off record breaker, just like the Mercedes on top of the speed list. The reason for my judgment is that it is not an "off the shelf" Corvette as it's a car that has been tuned by a tuning company. The same goes for the 800tt people keep mentioning. The Lamborghini Gambella is also a specially tuned car - so no matter what top speed it actally has, it isn't the worlds fastest production car.

    To me the fastest production cars are the Dauer 962 (sold in 25 copies), Koenigsegg CC (even though it's only been tested at 365 km/h at shakedown at Nardo - I'm not sure how many they have delivered) and the McLearen F1 (sold in 99 copies).

    When the first Bugatti Veyron has been delivered it will take over the throne as the fastest production car ever.

    As for the Vipers doing well at Le Mans, they were rebuild for racing by a French company. On the other hand the Audi's are made by Audi motorsport U.S. as far as I can remember. So the origin of a car isn't allways clear and great cars are great no matter where they are manufactured!
  13. This car is ugly as hell! (but its fast)
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    Cool Thread. US-Guys bashing rest of the world and vice versa.

    As I can see, it's all about speed (the car is 2. in Top Speed ranking on this site) and nationalism.

    No, this car isn't a fraud - it exists (or at least seams to have existed 1989).
    Yes, it is/was a prototype. No less, no more.
    Yes, cost might have been $400.000 - in 1989.
    For sure they would have made public each sale for public relations - they haven't.
    Yes, it was fast. So what? It's still a prototype - there's more than one "prototype" that has gone faster.

    The car might look ugly to many, but it's for sure a bang of a car.

    BTW: ... quote Reeves Callaway. He says, "of course the Sledgehammer is not a production car..." from
  15. I have too agree, I love the Corvette, anyone CAN do this. But I think the Handleing wouldn't be that great. Italian cars are fast, exotic, good handeling, luxurious, and researched up the pie hole. The corvette's suspesific goal was to go fast, italian cars are to go fast, to be exotic, great handling ect. BUT this pretty damn amazing for 1988. BUT the corvette's estimate-price too speed is by far the best.
  16. I just got a couple things to say, ya'll are making a huge deal out of this...who cares if there are better cars and all that crap, this is here for informational purposes and something to "awe!!" about. Oh and one more thing, some of you guys need to learn how to spell.
  17. 280kmh? Actually, don't even need a plane for that. All you'd need is VW's Ehra-Lessien test track.

    Just a few more days, and I should be at 12,000 posts, eh gsolinas?
  18. wow, i havn't posted sh!t in months, i can't believe some of u guys are still here, what the hell is the point nemore? by the by, there are a shitload of supercars to come out in the next 3 years, i'm guessing at least one will beat this record...and if i doesn't, it'll beat it in every other aspect of being a supercar.
  19. "Ehra-Lessien test track"

    u got ne links for this test track? i would like to take a look at what it looks like
  20. I didn't take the time to read all of the posts on this topic. There were far to many of them. However I did read the first seven pages. And I did skim the rest. This whole thread makes me sick. This forum isn't supposed to be a place for people of differing opinions to call eachother names. Nor is it a place to indulge in blatant racism, bigotry, and other equally offensive behaviors. There is never an excuse for becoming angry when someone challenges your beliefs. Instead you should thank them. A conviction that has never been challenged probably isn't as deeply held as you might think. This is a place to excange ideas, and thoughts on the nature of cars. The fact is, no one is ever right or wrong. We are talking about opinions. If you don't agree with mine, that is fine. If you don't think that this post is true at all that is fine to. But when you start to condemn me for my opinions, opinions mind you that I am sharing here freely, and hope that you will do the same, when you start to condemn me you start to become something terrible. You become fascist. When we can no longer accept that other peoples ideas might be worth hearing, we become fascist. When we start to condemn people because they think or look or act differently than us WE BECOME FASCIST! And that is the worst thing you can be. I accept that while I may not agree with what you say, you view is as valid as mine. I ask simply that you extend me the same courtesy. And when we stop giving eachother that courtesy, well, that is how wars start. That is how lives are lost. Will I kill someone for having them disagree with me? That has to be one of the most rediculous things I've ever heard. Will I kill someone when they tell me I'm no longer allowed to think anything different then they do? May I remind you of the reasons behind almost every conflict in which the human race has engaged? Yes. I would kill to defend my right to think differently. As have hundreds of thousands before me. I say God bless them all regardless of nationality. These people who fought and killed and died, so that we could all express our differing opinions without being told we are wrong. So to all of you who feel the need to make anything on this site a personal attack, remember that people have given up their lives so that you can think what you want to. Do you really want to shit on that gift by denying the very thing they died for to others?

    Now, on the topic. GM didn't build the Sledgehammer. Callaway did. Callaway takes stock Corvettes in and replaces parts to buyer spec. Callaway built the Sledgehammer. Callaway will build another one if you ask them. But Callaway doesn't advertise, they don't have showrooms, and they are only known to hardcore auto enthusiasts. If someone wants a sledgehammer, they just have to contact Callaway.

    This car is no more or less a one off show car than any other. This car is a production vehicle the same way all of Callaways cars are production. This vehicle was also built with a specific purpose in mind. Top speed. Callaway builds lots of other more rounded designs that would be more fair to compare to other exotics. Try the C12.

    The differences between American cars and European cars are great and small depending on which ones you are talking about. I think that we, as Americans, have a tendency to forget that only a tiny number of the cars produced in Europe are made by BMW or Mercedes, or Pagani, or Ferrari. Most of them are from companies like Peugot, or Renault, or Opel, or in the UK Vauxhall. These companies don't produce any more or less exotics than GM or Ford. And in fact some of those companies I just named are owned by Ford and GM. As far as the Exotics do go, I think it is unfair to compare them with cars that are not exotic.

    The 360 from Ferrari is an incredible car. Beautiful, as are all Pinanfirina (I think I spelled that wrong. No offense intended)designs, fast, graceful. A truly wonderful car. Also built by hand, as many have already noted, out of the most advanced materials, with the most current design technology. Its intent, I think is to be simply the best modern car made. And it achieves, if not that goal, then something close to it. It is without a doubt fast, agile and reliable. A phenomenally well rounded machine. But I would expect nothing less for the money I spent and the cachet of the name Ferrari.

    The Crovette ZO6 is not an exotic. It is not hand assembled. It is not built out of the most advanced materials. It doesn't use the most current technology. It is an incredible sportscar. And that is all. I don't understand why people insist on comparing apples and oranges. Pair off the 360 against the MT9000, or the Shelby series one. That would be reasonable. Or even the Vantage V600R LM. Now that would be a race. Compare the exotics to exotics I say. It is purely a question of intent. When Ferrari designed the 360 they said (I imagine. I wasn't actually there), "Let's build the best car we can, period." The GM conference was something more like, "Lets take a good sports car, and do what we can to make it better." Two totally different mind sets were involved. Both cars are exceptional. Both cars are fast. Both cars handle well. But both cars were not designed for the same thing. So why don't we all agree that both are great cars and just leave it at that.

    With great respect for all cars, my favorite is the Brabus EV12.

    PS: I find the performance figures can vary greatly based upon the magazine testing, and the specific example of the car. Some ZO6s are simply faster than others. As a result I have seen articles in both American and European magazines that show the ZO6 as having better overall stats, and the same for the 360. Occasionally, I'll find the same magazine will post differnt numbers then it did a month ago for the same car. That makes it hard to call, no?
  21. Don't you have the McLaren F1 book? It's in there. The same track where McLaren's XP5 prototype (free of rev limiter) set the world "production" car speed record.
  22. This car is a fraud, just like my car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    My Dodge Neon 'Vessel Highlander' has 812 HP.I upgraded my dohc engine with air intake, pacesetter header, matrix exhaust too KlasPoR-2 which has 6 turbo's, with intercooler system, mopar computer upgrade, afx underdrive pully, nitrous works, pacesetter header, borla ex,bored throttle body, valve jop, iceman coldair twin turbo inline 6, nt ecu with interchaning chips, tanabe racing medalion exhaust system, nos nitrous kit hks evc iv boost controller, greddy turbo timer, greddy pulley kit, grex forged piston kit, hks cams, jun titaniam valve springs, jun racing valve retainers, jun racing valve guides. unorthadox undrive pullet set, greddy street perfomance exaust, ti fuel system, blitz sus air intake system, apex i neon front mount intercooler, turbo inline-6, nt ecu w/intrchng chips, tanabe racing medalion exhaust system, nos nitrous kit, hks evc iv boost controller, greddy turbo timer, greddy pulley kit, grex forged piston kit, hks cams, jun titanium valve spring retainers, jun racing valve guides, unorthodox underdrive pulley set, greddy street performance exhaust, t.i. fuel system, blitz sus air intake system, apex`i neon front mount intercooler, siznot hydrolics, the razzi body kit, jsp wing w/led, altezza tail lights, gibson squared exhaust tips, washer jet leds, xenon hid hyperwhite bulbs, 6-speed sequential, act street clutch kit, hks hiper damper suspension kit, front & rear cusco carbon fiber strut tower bar, blitz gauges, sillen cross drilled rotors & sillen brake pads, front: 18x9. rear: 45.7x27.9 - 18.0 x 11.0, sony es cdx-m770, 10o disc changer, 2x mtx rfl152 15" subs, 2x kicker resolution r25 tweeters, 8x sony mobile es speakers.

    Stats with four people in the car:
    0-60 mph = 2.1 Sec.
    0-100 mph = 3.4 sec.
    1/4 mile = 9.9 Sec.
    BHP: 812
    Max Speed: 281 MPH in 41 seconds with four people in the car -total weight of passangers: 581 pounds. (it could go faster but tires started to melt)
    Lateral Acceleration: 0.99g

    Other: This car can exceed up to 281 MPH in 41 seconds with four people in it and a 0-60mph in 2.1 seconds, it's claimed its victory as a ten second car. The car's Curb Weight is 2300 pounds but we tested it when it was 2800 pounds(four people).

    Stats without the four people(1 driver):
    0-60 mph = 1.99 Sec.
    0-100 mph = 3.1 sec
    1/4 mile = 8.29 Sec.
    BHP: 812
    Max Speed: 291mph, yet again the tires started to melt.
    Lateral Acceleration: 0.99g

    I have a garage and im going to transform it itno a production factory making over 3 dodge neons a year!

    The redline is 8500 RPM. I put a $500,000 modification on this car. and sell it for $80,000 The chassis of the neon is made entirely of Cytec Aerospace carbonfibre, which weighs 100 pounds. This car picks up the chicks like crazy. It's probably safer then VOLVO! inside the car is as if your in a bentley it's not crowded at all! it's got heated seats and everything or more then a bentley has. This car can take on the McLaren and drag racers, funny cars, you name it. Everything is legal on this car, the exterior has a picture of me on it giving the thumps up, The POWERFUL V6 2.0 letre is sounds phenominal, it runs like a butterfly and stings like a bee. The transmision is smooth and doesn't fight, the turning is instant, power windows, power seats, it basicly is everything and anything a regular joe needs.

    If you reply im an idiot you're an blind idiot that can't find a joke.
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    I just saw an NSX beat one in the SPEED GT CHAMPIONSHIP which took place at Virginia International today (last of the season). Here's a link for when it was on, I'm not sure where to find results though . Truth is, as long as the driver has it at a high enough RPM when coming out of a turn the NSX accelerates just as quickly, so with a good driver the NSX won't lose any distance when accelerating. And the NSX handles better, and has better braking control. I have seen the NSX consistently beat the Z06, mainly due to handling and some of it due to almost as quick acceleration. I hardly consider the NSX an exotic (I mean, do you consider the Viper to be an exotic? it costs more). A Saleen Mustang, Porsche, and an Audi also beat it, it's not as good as people think, it looks great on paper, but actual performance isn't as impressive.
  24. Yeah, but isn't that NSX SUPERCHARGED? Same one that lost out to the Champion Motorsports Audi S4 last year, right? A stock S4 isn't goint to beat a stock NSX, and by the same token it would take a serious discrepancy in driver skill for a stock NSX to beat a stock Z06. R&T tested a stock NSX, Z06, and 996 around a damp track (Laguna Seca), using 3 different drivers of 3 different skill levels. All three were quickest in the Z06.
  25. This is a reply for DeusExmachinas. I respect your opinion about the whole personal opinion thing, but u begin to contradict yourself as u go on....neways...what if another persons opinion is wrong by statistic. Meaning that there is subsantial evidence that what he or she is stating is blatenly wrong. In other words, he/she is just babling on to anger other ppl. Now, if i were to say that he is wrong, would i be a facist? I don't really understand as to why you would go to an extreme and compare the ppl of this forum to facists. Just because someone argues by evidence that his statement is true, does that make him a facist? Do u listen and believe everything everyone tells u and respect there opinion because u think its true? are u that gulible?

    actually i don't even know why i'm writing this, i didn't even read your whole post...jus forget what i said

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