Re: Ugly, geez..... ugly.

Discussion in '1999 Cadillac Evoq Concept' started by car guy 1286, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: Ugly, geez..... ugly.... pretty jeez pretty very pretty :)

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  3. its got a nice engine and power, but it really looks like the cien, dont u think so 2?
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  4. Just a little bit.I dont think too much though.The Cien is bigger and meaner looking.I like that in a car.When it looks mean like this and the Cien.
  5. Man, you're dumb!
  6. This car looks pretty awesome. It looks almost like it has the same basic "shape" of a 550 Maranello but with the distinctive "angular" lines that Cadillac has been working with.
  7. the new razoredge design is visually pleasing but also it is a trademark of caddy's design one of da best in the world!
  8. Ugly is right. This is another car GM is screwing up. All of the Cadillacs now all look the same. If I saw one on the street I could not tell you what it was. First Hummer now this GM stop messing up cars!
  9. ugly wat do u meean ur retarded u have no taste
  10. not ugly at all! by far this is one of the best looking things to ever come out of GM. Of course, i dont like GM all that much
  11. i sense some bais in that statement
  12. Razor edge design?
    ... last time I checked it was called Art & Science :p

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