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Discussion in '2002 Lincoln Continental Concept' started by mariowrc, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Quote from RacePhreak13</i>
    <b>lol you people have no clue how friggin' retarded you are do you?! your "yo, dogg, dat'z a playin' ride, what!" and your hydraulics...what the hell is the point? you guys just don't realise how much of a backwards people you are do you? no concept at all, but if it's a friggin box on wheels with a boxy grille and boxy lights, then, by all means, "den dem's playaz bezt be gettin' dese wheels!"

    bling bling yo!

    and in case you're wondering, yes, i'm extremely white. and it seems everyone in here is either mexican or least the mentality of these forums lacks any substance whatsoever. oh i'm sorry, did i just use too many big words for you?

    Ok you seem to be a real racist white as my ass pussy. You little rich *****. See it's FUCKING Idiots like you that cause all these damn race issues. You racist #$%#s, you just dont get it do you... u just cant get over the fact of race. You can only see people as by their race and not as people. I just get so #$%#ing frusturated over this becuase i just dont understand how you racists people cant just simply see people as a person. Their #$%#ing people learn. Black,white,asian,japanese, they are people. Ok i have told you now you read what i said u learn and see what it is really like and stop being a racists pathetic waste of a person. Its like you got this huge #$%#in mental block in your head that keeps you from seeing the real person BEHIND THE RACE. You should just be considered a stupid #$%#ed up person whith a huge learning disibility that keeps you from seeing the way things are. You autistic or something. Cant seem to see the simple things around you that every normal person can. You just dont know how #$%#ing mad people like you make me. You just dont know how MAD i am right NOW. I cant get over the fact that u cant see. Learn dumbass learn. **** you, ok. You keep on talkin that shit you gonna get your ass shot. <!-- Signature -->
  2. I think it's alright. Tell you the truth, it's kind of grown on me from when it was first introduced. It looks like a Lincoln. Oh and guess what, i'm white. You racist needledicks out there can go blow it out your ass.
  3. very nice car, with a typical american styling.
  4. Idiot
  5. Idiot

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