Re: why do we do this do cars?

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by Cchanner83, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. why do we do this do cars?

    I have a Honda, and i'm really interested in tuning it. I read a lot of auto press, CAR, EVO, Top Gear, and Sport Compact Car. Recently i picked up a copy of Super Street, as i flipped though i was horrified to see japanese cars of all types. Slathered in horrible orange, yellow and green paint jobs, all sporting re'cock'uliouse body kits, that serve no purpose except to get sheered off by curbs and steep driveways. As i looked through the stats, you what i found, nothing. Basically these cars are showy flashy and very tacky, with no engine mods no performance to speak of. So my point is why do we waste money on useless crap that does nothing to enhance a car? And don't you try and tell me that it makes them look better, because you know its not true. And another thing that seems to be lost on me is, why do people put huge stero system in cars, first no matter how much money you spend it still sounds like crap, and how can all that extra weight be worth the expense? Does any one else agree with me?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Actually I for one agree with you on the Body kit but the sterio thing is something completely different, yes some sterios are shit but thats brands like Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, and all the other supermarket car audio equipment, you put an Eclipse setup or something of that caliber usless you have no idea what to look for this will be like a fresh awakening to your ears, you obviously don't understand the art behind sterios but maybe get the point of tuning I'm not sure but most tuners know a car has to sound good to, hell even most Domestic fans know the high points of car audio<!-- Signature -->
  3. Why do people buy custom cell phone covers. They don't enhance the reception. People even modify computers. Who cares let people do what they want. It doesn't hurt anyone but their own wallet.
  4. Agreed, hell te compaq computer I'm working with right now even came with custom designs<!-- Signature -->
  5. well i think this is one of the worst re-designs ever<!-- Signature -->

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