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  1. How about that 1970 Corvette with the 350 LT-1 engine that was also called the ZR-1?
  2. yes it was only 70 examples have been built.
  3. I was doing pretty good with the pop quiz until the fastest stock (i knew the fastest tuned) and the callaway, snake skinner, and color questions. But you probably have to be a corvette addict to get those right.

    As for the lister corvette i remember seeing something about them in motor trend last year at pebble beach but i dont remember anything else and am just too lazy to look for that issue. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> As for the ZR2 being a s-10 or a corvette you are both right. It was an off road package on a s-10 and the 454 corvette in a modern body that im sure the question was orginally asked for.

    Also I dont care what anyone says i really liked taking the quiz.
  4. i always loved the zr1 it was the best vette ever made alongwith the 63-71 vettes
  5. i have to agree wit u on this one...i would rather have a zr1 any day over a the 63-71 corvette sting rays are my fav...i have a 93 vette modified...not sure of the hp...guessin around 500hp...i didn't have the money to afford a zr1...but i got a vette that is neighbor has a 67 conv vette sting ray...wit side pipes...very nice day i plan on havin callaway twin turbos put on my car...but it will take some time...who doesn't like vettes anyway?
  6. Ok answer me this...(some semi-classified GM material here)

    What is the SR500?

    How many were produced?

    What year (approx) was it produced?

    Name at least one person that has one of them.

    What is the overall theme of it?

    How wide are the rear wheels?

    What side is the steering wheel located on?

    How many exhaust exits are there?

    Good luck.
  7. This is a lotus designed engine!
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    im shooting in the dark hear
    but hear goes

    1. What is a Lister corvette?
    theirs not much info you can find on the cars
    but this is what i do know

    their are two kinds that i know of and both are real treats for the eyes
    one is based on the C4 and the other kinda looks like a
    jaguar XKE & 1965-6 XJ13 had a baby. that ended up with some trates of the XKE's nose & most of the XJ13's body.

    2. How many were produced?
    three are known to be in existance

    3. How much horsepower did they have?
    600+ horse power

    4. What is the top speed for one?
    not sure but i know they are verry fast
    ill get back to you on that one

    5. What color(s) did they come in?
    two are yellow & one is blue as far as i can tell

    6. Are they all the same? no
    as i said one is based on a C4 and the other
    two are vintage racers.
    note: but i could be wrong..
    their could be only three C4 type
    and more classic 327 Lister corvette's but as far as i know their are 2 classics.
  9. Re:

    1. Convertible ZR1? Big block ZR1?

    2. with my two guesses I'd say either 350, 383 or 396.

    3. why not?

    4. LT5, of course. Twin cam, 32 valve, 5.7L beast designed by lotus and built by mercury marine. 375 horsepower.

    5. 3.9 seconds according to motor trend.

    6. Don't know. Bet it's a fast mother-f*cker!

    7. Snake skinner Vette is a 440 horsepower monstrosity that can do 60 in 3.6 seconds.

    8. LT-5, yup.

    9. Purple, super! No, red? White?

    10. His name is bruce. Nice fella.
  10. The ZR2 if I am not mistaken was a C3, like the original ZR1. With that, how about another question: What is 'ZR' allegedly an abbreviation for?

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