Really big Ford F-550

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  1. Quote from Off-Road Magazine:

    "Shock value aside, this truck does work in the dirt -- just ask anyone who's seen this Ford bully its way up Competition Hill in the Glamis sand dunes in California. To the casual onlooker, this truck is a monstrosity that doesn't belong on the highway. To the most jaded off-roader, the truck is too tall to work in the dirt. To Roland, this truck does everything he wants and more. We set up a photo shoot so Roland could put his money where his mouth was, and his exact words were, "Let's jump this thing; if it breaks, that'll be an excuse to build it even bigger." True to his words, he hucked the F-550 over and over again for our cameras, and the truck didn't break. He's since lifted the truck another 6 inches, just because he can."

    Just to get a picture of how massive this truck is, the tires it's got are Michelin XZY 445/65R-22.5 commercial truck tires, roughly 48 inches (yes, four feet even) in diameter.
  2. More pics.
  3. Damn it, let me try those first pics again.
  4. awesome... must be a blast to drive
  5. Take one of thoes to Hollister.

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