Rimac Automobili Concept One revealed

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    The sheet has been lovingly lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the first official images are now available. As the earlier teasers suggested, this electric supercar looks absolutely, well...super! It's hard to believe that a machine with performance that far outshines anything brought forward by established auto companies has been pulled off by a 23-year-old kid from Croatia.

    But then, Mate Rimac is no ordinary guy. While in high school he invented a glove to replace the traditional keyboard and mouse computer interface. He also turned a '86 BMW 3 Series into a mad, drifting racer. These two creations ultimately led him to build a company whose signature car features state-of-the-art electronic controls and performance numbers that easily match the sleek and powerful looks of its carbon-fiber body and betters, on paper at least, just about everything else in production on the planet.

    Here's a refresher on those numbers. Two sets of 12,000 rpm, 250 kW liquid-cooled motors with individual controllers and reduction gears offer up 1088 horsepower and 2800 nM (2803 lb-ft) of torque. The 1650-kg (3638-lb) Concept One promises standstill-to-60-miles-per-hour acceleration in 2.8 seconds on its seamless sprint to a computer-limited top speed of 305 km/h (190 mph). Its 600 kilometers (373 miles) of range is provided for by 92 kWhs of lithium phosphate batteries and charging can be achieved in twenty minutes given ample supply of electricity. Production will be limited to 88 units, with deliveries of road vehicles starting in 2013. The first two are sold.

    While we expect it may be a while before we get to see footage of this sexy beast on the road (or track), the company has released a video detailing its components and performance. Hit the jump to check it out as well as the press release.
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  3. Where did croatians get enough money to build this?
  4. not convinced about this
  5. tourists
  6. haha what's with that rope light in there?

    does it come with matching roller skates?
  7. the pedal assembly is awesome...

    wonder if this will actually happen... would be pretty cool to see an electric car with 2k+ torque try to get traction lol
  8. his father is quite wealthy (has his own company), and he didn't hesitate to invest in his son's project when he saw potential.
    mate is a kind of wunderkind, he has no technical background, but even that young he was smart enough to surround himself with young, educated and enthusiastic people.
    i think he is a great potential and that we would see much more of this project, he won't stop now for sure
  9. That looks really cool.

    (in b4 Innotech)
  10. I like it.
  11. The exterior design is interesting (looks like Marussia's version of a GT40) but the technology and idea behind the car is very impressive. Would love to see this make it into reality.

  12. Other than the taillights, I kind of like it.
  14. The audi e-tron has 3000+ ftlbs lol
  15. audi has a giant e-peen
  16. Don't really like the interior.
  17. wheels are lol large
  18. really like the outside, not too fond of the inside

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