Rita Ora

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  2. Daily Mail is doing softcore now?
  3. rocking that groucho marx look

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  4. Since forever
  5. never heard of her? living under a rock?
  6. Meh. I never watch any of those glorified karaoke contests and freak shows.
  7. kia ora to you too bro
  8. she's nasty
  9. she looks like a cumguzzler
  10. Looks like if you #$%# her your dick will have the same feeling as when you lick the tip of a bttery
  11. I don't get it
  12. Just the feeling of "ugh, why do I lick gross things?"
  13. Internet me wants to say I don't find her that attractive. But in reality I'd be all over that like flies on shit.
  14. Innit?

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  15. LOL at the picture
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    Lotta funny ones where that came from: http://tinyurl.com/o8lc3cl

    And as always, good to see you around!
  17. Lol
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    haha some of those pictures are hilarious
  19. ya nice breasts , but those teeth
  20. Classic sc.net. Well done.
  21. good enough for a poke!
  23. ah, lurkers

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