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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 550 GT' started by CeltaDriver, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I heard that Ferrari will release a Road-legal version of this car in a limited series (around 20 cars). Does anybody has more info on this?<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that was just a rumor. And anyway, they're done with the 550. Its all 575 from here on out. When my team was checking out the factory race cars in a unlabled warehouse in Detroit, they had a Maranello-style design with a huge spoiler being covered up in the back by a sheet. It was just clay, but we think it was a 575LM which will be a great car if it is released.
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    this car is amazing
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    198 mph? that good for a 600 hp ferarri, even if they could have squeezed more out of it... However, I really dont think they would do that, since they're pretty much done with real nice street-leagl cars. They dont build so many models any more, since they put so much effort in racing.
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    well, with enough money, u can probably take a 550 and make it look like this.
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    But only the look

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