Russia Best buy 2006

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  1. Russia Best buy 2006

    Which would you choose? The poll options belong to the cars from left to right.
    The real life winner was the Chery Amulet, Chinese adaptation of Seat Toledo mk1.
  2. Logan for me.
  3. Lol!

    EDIT: Daewoo is chevy now?
  4. GM bought them after they went bankrupt. And they badge Daewoos as Chevys in several markets, such as Russia and the United States.
  5. Maybach 62 and RR phantoms
  6. They're also Chevy's in all Europe.

    However, the Amulet is a CheRy, not a CheVy, there are legal issues about that.
  7. The Lada 110, an older guy in my apartment has one and I got a ride in it (on requesT!) and it does feel pretty solid. I had no single moment the idea it was going to fall apart. The steering is a bit senseless though. Well, actually, everything's senseless and a little rough. But I didn't get the feeling it'd break down or anything or that it couldn't handle situations.
  8. If i was Russian i would get one of those bigger cars from VAZ. Their design is so old that its retro.
  9. Armoured and in black.

    Man those cars are so ugly it hurts :\
  10. the lowgun
  11. Easy, Lada 110.
  12. Hey it's DACIA LOGAN!
  13. nope. in russia they sell it as a renault.
  14. yes they sell it as a Renault, but it's a Dacia! And it has the Dacia brandmark on it to!
  15. Happy now? Like i've said...They sell it under the name of 'renault logan' in russia (& ukraine?) not 'dacia logan'
  16. Dacia would be #$%#ing dead without Renault. Quit biting the hand that feeds, kthx.
  17. Well, it's a two edged sword, isn't it?

    Dacia would be in deep shit if Renault didn't buy them, true, but Dacia would always have had a market in Romania, and what makes this a hollow victory is that Renault are also building Logans in many other countries, ie Iran, where the majority of Logans will be built, so a lot of Romanians have lost their jobs at the Dacia plants, and all the profits go to the shareholders, Renault, which are French.

    So you tell me that this is for the best. For whom? Renault? Sure. Romanian workers? Not so, what Romanian workers?

    It's not a hand that feeds, it's a hand that grips hard and squeezes.

    Oh, back to topic:

    The Logan is by far the best looking car there. I like lines and angles on a car, and I find the flat-ish windows quite appealing. It has a presence. It's the most distinct car there. The others just look Korean and bland, including the Ladas.

    The Logan will sell under the Renault badge in countries with a limited Renault presence, ie Russia, Ukraine, and probably the middle east. Everywhere else, including western europe, it will be under the Dacia badge.
  18. So at least some Romanians still have a job, instead of none, because Dacia wouldn't be able to keep itself out of shit.
  19. That pic made me feel bad.
  20. I feel sorry for russia.
  21. Logan... we have that first Lada here, it's called "Afalina"... yvck.
  22. send pics of Afalina, I'm curious which one that is
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