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  1. I would like to know what do the letter "S/F" mean on the Ferrari sign?????
    If anyone knows please post the answer i would really appreciate it. thanx

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    Scuderia Ferrari.
    Scuderia is Italian for "racing stable".
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    Isn't there also the initials of the Woman who made their badge on it...thats what i heard from a ferrari employee at a show
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    thanx a lot .............really appreciate it

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    Ummm, NO.
    And your welcome Renagade.
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    Well, i'd rather trust the person that works at Ferrari and owns three of them than you, no offense.

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    Are you kidding me? What the SF means is common knowledge, look it up....to think its some girls initionals is so stupid its not even funny.

    If you ever watch Formula 1 you will hear the team refered to as Scuderia Ferrari Malboro.

    If you think its a girls initionals go to a Ferrari message board and post that, then watch them all laugh at you lol.

    SF=Scuderia Ferrari.
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    I know what the SF means you idiot. Someone said at ferrari at a show, a Ferrari EMPLOYEE said that there are initials on it, the badge becasue she desinged it...and i know what that team is. you spelled initial wrong.
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    who would u rather trust...a ferrari employee or ur small little idiotic brain..
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    Theres what im saying, but blucamss isnt wrong thats what the sf means

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    What idiots..........
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    There is initials on it somewhere, and i trust a Ferrari Employee
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    y r so many people creating new accounts? there screwing this up!

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    I know there are initials on it. It says S F on it. And that stands for Scuderia Ferrari, for like the third time!
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    I know what that means, for the third time.
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    i know what the means
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    we already answered his question..didnt we?
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    yo people stop fighting i just asked what did SF mean and not the history behinf it.
    so chill
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    I know you did but BlueCamSS got mad at me....boo hoo lol.

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