Saleen S7 vs Maserati MC12

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by VIPER 5, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Saleen S7
    Price: $430,000
    Curb Weight: 2,750 lbs
    6 Speed Manual

    7L V8
    575 bhp at 5500 rpm
    570 lb-ft at 4700 rpm
    Redline: 6500 rpm

    0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds
    0-100 mph in 6.5 seconds
    1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds at 131 mph
    0-100-0 mph in 11.2 seconds
    Top Speed: 223+ mph
    Skidpad: 1.02g
    Slalom 72 mph

    Maserati MC12
    Price: $800,000
    Curb Weight: 2945 lbs
    6-Speed Manual

    6L V12
    624 bhp at 7500 rpm
    481 lb-ft at 5500 rpm
    Redline 7700 rpm

    0-60 mph in -- seconds
    0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds
    0-100 mph in -- seconds
    0-124 mph in 9.9 seconds
    0-100-0 mph in -- seconds
    1/4 mile (1,320 ft) in -- seconds at -- mph
    0-1312 ft in 11.3
    0-3280 ft in 20.1 seconds
    Top Speed: 205+ mph
    Skidpad: -- g
    Slalom: -- mph
  2. I'd rather own the Maser as long as money is not an issue.
  3. I'd say Maser, except that a car like the MC-12 is out of character for Maserati, if they took the 612, and improved upon it like they improved the Enzo, then I'd take that. But as it stands, S7.
  4. Saleen S7, it is half the price of the Maserati, has about the same performance, and looks better.
  5. S7. Way more interesting
  7. Saleen S7...looks better in my opinion
  8. MC12 kills.
  9. Mc12 is much better than that Poney car the S7
  11. I can understand that you don't like horses. Getting buttfücked by one horse can put a damper on anyone's day.
  13. ohhhh that blue one is so extraordinary beautiful
  14. Dumb comparo. MC12.
  15. Was that 0-60 and 1/4 mile time official tested by a reputable 3rd party?
  16. Maserati, but I don't really like it much. I suppose I would rather drive the S7 day-to-day, but the Maser is so freaking exotic. I would take an Enzo over either.

    Why hasn't ajzahn shown up saying Dauer yet?
  17. how could one possibly consider an S7 over the mc12...? i really don't get that
    btw, mechanical arts, lovely pic! did you guys notice the SLR in the corner...?
  18. The answer to this question is, no. Ergo, I put as much trust into those times as I put trust into politicions. Seriously, those times are utter BS.

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