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Discussion in '2001 Gemballa 911 GTR 600' started by Spiritas, Aug 9, 2002.

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    This is awesome, how can you say this sucks?
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    Don't ever say that a car is a shit when you cannot afford to buy it...(I hope you understand it's quite easy to understand it..)The only thing you can do is to criticize it in comparing other cars in it's same category.Not cars of 6200cc or 8000cc when this is 3600cc.So SHUT THE **** UP AND DON'T CONTINUE ABOUT TALKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.Oh I almost forgot, because other peolpe are talking shit that doesn't mean that you should also talk shit because you fail in the same category with them (the lowest and being the stupidest)...I hope you understand it's quite easy.Or if not you're a 12years old boy or you're siriously retard
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    OK SO MAYBE they got the ACCELERATION WRONG but porsche sstill kicks asss 911 turbo baby and after 75 mph the wing comes up increasing downforce by up to 20 punds with twin air to air intercoolers and twin turbo charges andd with its sleek european desighn its one lean mean ferrari beatin machine
  4. I was going on a fundraising drive arund my neighborhood when i looked next to the curb and I saw this Porsche. it looked like a tuned car so i looked closely to make sure and there it was!!! I saw 'Gemballa GTR 600' as the nameplate! Later i saw this car going by and it was just awesome.

    I also saw this car in a parking lot and when I saw it up close it was sexy so very sexy.
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    Shut the #$%# up you mother#$%#er!!!!

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