is so emo lately

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. What happened to Kamran?
  3. be nice if non944turbo was not a dick to me.
  4. He's strained by society's social image and disposable mental retardation.
  5. there's like, a massive thread about it/read it
  6. I'm cool with everyone here btw.
  7. Ben has ruined everything he has ever associated with. It's no coincidence that that one girl heard me clearly call her a #%[email protected], then laugh loudly about it when he was around. I hate Ben Brandt.
  8. I really thought trolling the Viper forums cheered a lot of people here.
  9. It was fun while it lasted...
  10. unity is key. Something that get's people to think before they think *insert username*
  11. truth
  12. id rather SC be emo than retarded w/ the trolling trend as of late.
  14. i'm taking the credit for that btw
  15. She really mellowed out during the second quarter, almost to the point where I could tolerate her.
  16. #$%# yo couch nigga
  17. your on Zoloft aren't you? That or did you just sniff some ether like Mr. Burns? does that mean we can get favors from you?
  18. Spyder? Is that you?
  19. people get way too involved with the forums here sometimes... especially the haters
  20. I loled
  21. i used to post insults, but i've grown up.
  22. Actually, really is good when it comes to stuff that really matters.
  23. depends on who makes the thread though.
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