Schumacher to announce retirement?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Arcanjo, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. it is more fun to watch him retire when he will start getting beat/humiliated, his flawless victories bore me
  2. He won`t retire...
    But why I am hearing that MS has called a press conference for 12:30pm at Monza on wednesday?
  3. you are an idiot and i think most will agree with regard for his skill and talent, just stupid comments like that. Im surprised u posted this message.......ure ignorance and idocity bores me! btw... i saw an australian news exclusive last nite where todt made it clear that schumi is not going to retire, he said the passion is still there.
  4. Even if he looses the WC next year it will never be considered a humiliation. If so then almost all WC drivers retire in humiliation.
  5. But where does he find motivation to continue?!

    Till last year I could understand: he had Fangio as The Big target!

    But since there...
  6. Can you tell me why they favour Ferrari?
  7. Perhaps the reason why he didn't lose his motivation by now it's because he race just because he likes it. No more, no less.
  8. To put every record out of reach for a long, long time<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
  9. alrite.........hes officillay said hes not gonna quit, i think we can end it here.
  10. Kimi will beat him if he changes teams

    If he changes teams man that would be intreasting , never hapen though.
  11. Senna's Pole record...
    100 Grand Prix wins...
  12. I love you.
  13. Who can beat him? I hate Kimi, but I can admit that he is very, very good. But I still say Schumacher is better. Put them both in the same car, and MS will win the WDC. It would be an epic battle, like Prost/Senna. And even if he loses, comes second, or even third, how is this a disgrace? So by your definition, Mika Hakkinen retired in disgrace, and so did nearly every other Champion. Even if he loses, he will still be remembered as the best driver ever. Maybe not the most exciting, but he got things done.
  14. i agree with that. what he contributed is more important to when he left.

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