Scoot RX-7

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  1. If you ask me, it looks like an RX-7 took it in the ass from an NSX and ended up with this deformed looking thing... it wasnt dropped on its head as a baby, it was thrown.
  2. rotor and wall.
    best thing about the 787B engine is the telescopic intake runners.
  3. For that last part, it's really not all that new to have reg. headlights, compared to pop-ups. And hoods? Same deal.
  4. i would stick with pop ups, look cleaner.
  5. actually the fixed headlights fit in the same slot as the pop up ones do. thats really cool if you actually saw this car or the kit the same day it was posted.

    btw i personnaly think everything infront of the doors is fine, and the rear would just need a little work. then again the rear gives it a high speed look if you know what i mean.
  6. if you look at it enough it ressembles a very difformed 2000 911. the front bumper especially.
  7. better put.

    what crazy font is that?
  8. You have to cut the front bumper to make the sealed-beams fit right.
  9. yes the rear is very odd... its something different and i think it still flows with the rest of the car extremely well.
  10. good points

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