shit car for the money!

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  1. I would rater have a clk gtr and a mclern f1 lm for the money
  2. You just don't understand the complexity of this car. While it is true that only the last car sold for $2.5 mil, the others sold for significantly cheaper prices that were under $2,000,000. And even if the price is sky high, it is because this is one of the very rarest cars in the world and also one of the best race cars in the world as well. Seeing that it is derived from a Porsche 962, it has great racing heritage. And the man behind this creation, Vern Schuppan, received a victory at LeMans in this car (I think because it may have been another major racing tournament).
  3. would you rather have this over a clk-gtr+mclern f1 lm?????????
    clk-gtr also have won lemans. and it's top speed is over 380kph with out the speed limtter. and a sub ten quater mile time. plus the god of all supercars the mclern f1 lm
  4. Lets take a look at the CLK-GTR.

    Top Speed: 307.4 kph / 191.0 mph
    0-60: 3.4 seconds
    0-100: 5.7 seconds
    Curb Weight: 1545 kg / 3406 lbs
    Power: 456.4 kw / 612.0 bhp @ 6800 rpm

    That's just to start off with.

    Now we look at the stats of this car.

    Top Speed: 345.0 kph / 214.4 mph
    0-60: 3.0 seconds
    0-100: N/A
    Curb Weight:1050 kg / 2315 lbs
    Power:447.4 kw / 600.0 bhp @ 7000 rpm

    That's just a little of what these 2 cars have to offer. From what I can see, the 12 extra HP coming from the CLK-GTR doesn't go too far seeing that it's about 1200lbs. heavier than the 962CR. Not only that, the Top speed is significantly higher than that of the CLK-GTR, and so is the 0-60 time. As mentioned before, the extreme difference in weight would be a huge advantage for the 962CR around any track. As far as the McLaren goes, it is indeed one of the greatest road cars in history and I hold it in great regard. But when it comes to a race around a LeMans style track, I'd throw all of my money on this car.
  5. well i'd get and sell it for double of wat i bopught it for
  6. well i'd get and sell it for double of wat i bought it for
  7. well and where do you think should i sit my fiancee if the car is for showoff
  8. and where will i get to sit my fiancee<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. I doubt you would drive on of these if you had one. I believe one 962CR and the only 962LM are in England. Maybe in a museum?
  10. I'd just stick with a Dauer 962LM, it has better performance,0-60mph in 2.7 sec, top speed 400km/h plus and it costs less, plus it has a very nice interior with GPS sat nav, air con, and heaps of other things, it's road legal plus it has hydraulic suspension to make it easier driving it around the streets.
  11. I'd rather a Viper Venom 800TT or a Ligenfelter Corvette. Maybe a Veyron or a ME-412 (I know this is only a concept)
  12. I'm a hardcore Viper fan myself. But to take a 100,000 dollar car over a $2.5 million is ridiculous. On a track or a dragstrip, this car owns a Viper.
  13. talk about clk gtr only the 25 street version is limmited under 200mph. without the speed limtter it can hit 380kph easy.
  14. Did you not hear me when I talked about the huge advantage in weight? Or the fact that it can pick up speed faster and handle better thanks to that weight advantage? Top speed is nothing when comparing cars of this class. When you race against a car that is almost a half a ton heavier than your own car, you should expect to be beaten badly on a track or dragstrip. Not to mention that this is a LeMans winning, hand built, extremely rare car that is among the very best when it comes to rarity, looks (even though those were ugly shots), racing, prestige, and quality. Say what you want, CLK-GTR will NEVER come close to touching this car.
  15. Judging a car at the first glance, huh? I can see you know nothing about it. You're putting looks over aerodynamics. Look at the production year. McLaren LM and CLK GTR are much newer. Yet they're cheaper. Plus, CLK has a V12 engine. It's way to slow for a V12. Unlike CLK, McLaren pushes about 250 mph. This porsche having way smaller engine that CLK, pushes over 210mph. leaving CLK at 190s. And all cars, I think are priced by people who know way more than you about how to judge cars. Please, don't be a sore loser, and start judging by what's inside.
  16. This car was priced so high because only 5 were made. There were plans to make more but a financier pulled out of the deal. It costed an estimated $7,000,000 to produce the 5 that were made, and sold do high because they had to cover off losses. Also, this was the only car that sold for 2.5 mil. The others sold for significantly cheaper prices.
  17. how much cheaper?
  18. I believe that 2 of the 4 that were at least $1,000,000 cheaper than the one shown on this site. I wish I could post the site with all the info on this car, but they moved the site and didn't give the new name so I don't know where it is.
  19. What you don't understand is, There was only 5 yes thats right 5 made and if you bothered to read the info, it said the LAST one sold for APROX. 2.5 million.
    .....dont bash cars until u know the story.
  20. This car is a piece of shit for the money you would spend on it, get a mclaren F1 if you have the money
  21. God your stupid. Read my above comment and maybe you will actually gain some i.q.
    And dont steal my name.
  22. Well a Geo Metro is shit for the money too! My cousins broke in about a days use.

    Besides i find Mclaren F1's to be highly overrated..even though they kill.

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