Should automatic firearms be legal?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. At first, many people would see this question and say, "Heck no! I don't want people running around with MP5s and AK47s killing each other!" However, I'd argue that with proper regulation from the government, automatic weapons should be allowed to be purchased by law-abiding citizens. I'd want strict background checks by both the state and the FBI or ATF (here in the US), plus a fee for a permit that could only be accessed by those with clean records, but once that stipulation is put in place I'd have no problem with civilians owning automatics.
  2. Yup, if there are proper background checks before the purchase
  3. statistics already prove that with proper regulation, there is no problem with legal ownership of automatic firearms. anyone who says otherwise cant read facts.
  4. Yeah, although there should be serious restrictions.
  5. Since 1934 when the National Firearms Act went into place regulating civalian machine gun ownership the ONLY case of a legally owned machine gun being used in a crime was by an Ohio police officer who killed an informant. He is currently serving 18 years in prison.
  6. yes as long as background checks and a permit are issued. It would also be wise to mandate a safety course of some kind IMO on how to safely handle automoatic weaponry.
  7. I spose in dumbassland this equates to proof that there could never ever be an instance where an automatic firarm would be used in crime.

    Thats like someone sitting there before 9/11 and saying ho well look at the history and the stats its never happend on US soil therefore we dont need tighter security or rules or anything cause we are dumbassess.

    Automatic's are completely unesesary.
  8. Not every state in the US allows machine gun ownership. This includes law enforcement too. But if your state allows machine gun ownership then you must register for a Class III permit which includes extensive background checks, finger printing, and sign off by local law enforcement. The whole process takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months. If you get approval by the BATF then you can legally own a Class III weapon. A machine gun is transferred to you and you must pay a $200 transfer tax at the time of transfer.
  9. Wow, that's a typical dumbass Australian response. You can't find a single fact to support your absurd claims so you resort to these retarded personal attacks. I'd expect nothing less from a liberal and Australia.

    The FACT is that in the 70 years of legal machine gun ownership in the US only a single crime has been committed with one. And it was a cop who did it.

    The FACT is you're an idiot.
  10. Wow, that's a typical dumbass Spyder response. You obviously didn't read more than two words of what he said.
  11. I think ownership of automatic weapons would be fine.

    I just think it's dumb when people say they NEED full-auto to "defend themselves" or that "It's my right as an American."
  12. so lets see. Your "FACT"'s are proving that its not ever going to happen and is impossible?
  13. To be honest, is there really a need for someone to own them? If I were into guns on the other hand, I'd probably want to own one, just to say I had one.

    But I think there need to be strict regulations, like there should be with all firearms, only stricter with automatics. No criminal record, proof that the weapon will be stored and locked away securly, etc.
  14. So you're going to make laws in the off the wall chance something may happen? Well the incident proves that police kill innocent people. So we better start making laws to take away the guns of police too so they can't kill us.

    Somebody could possibly crash a car into someone and kill them. We better ban those too.

    Pair of scissors? Well you could stab someone with that so they have to go too.

    Trying to “fix” problems that don’t exist is why Australia is a virtual police state with unchecked law enforcement that repeatedly oversteps their boundaries and violates the rights of law abiding citizens. Just last week someone posted how Australian police accused a motorist of driving under the influence, paraded him about in the media, only to find that their test method, a new and unproven one, was inaccurate.

    If you want to live in a corrupt police state, go nuts, but don’t force your retarded ass ideas on everyone else.

    Face the facts. You're a f**king idiot and nobody cares what you thinks. In the 70 years and thousands of these machine guns made and changing hands a SINGLE crime was committed by a guy who was suppose to up hold the law. The ONLY way to have prevented this crime would be if police were banned from owning guns.

    You ideas are stupid, YOU are stupid and arguing your same retarded point for 10 pages won't change that F A C T.
  15. Civilians don't need to own any automatic firearms.
  16. What's interesting is that you're dumbass liberal congressman there in New York who oh so passionately campaigned against firearms was spotted on a gun ranging shooting a Tec-9 with a huge smile on his face.

    One of the most infamous pistols ever made.
  17. I just don't see why it would be so bad since criminals would never buy them legally, they'd just get it illegally.
  18. Denying them the right to own weapons designed first and foremost for combat goes against the constitution, don'tcha know.
  19. So? I don't get why a lot of Americans speak of the constitution as something holy and that it's absolutely impossible that it has flaws.

    edit: added the last 9 words
  20. Yeah, I don't get why anyone would need one?
  21. Yes lets compare. An autamtic gun to a car or a pair of sissors. Two things which were not made with the intent purpose to kill other humans.

    Now I know you might swell up with tears behind your goggle glasses and then you'll make your angry face and start typing the keys hard, but lets face it, if you cant see the difference between scicsors and machine guns, you got some serious problems.

    "Australia is a virtual police state"
    That would be why you have about 600 per 100,000 in jail and we have about 150 per 100,000 in jail, because "we" are the police state.

    I see. less people locked up in jail=== police state. your a genius.

    So why exactly would you NEED an autmatic machine gun for personal use? Something that was made and designed purely for the destruction of other humans? by all means I think you should be able to have display model ones that have been rendered useless. But operational ones. no.

    Now lets see as for scissors, I know they are very similiar to machine guns and just as dangerous, but I think they were made for other things and I'd rather have somone go on a killing spree with scissors than a machine gun.
  22. Ok, so what?
  23. Well, if you liked shooting a fully automatic gun, then why should others be denied the oppertunity?
  24. Cars, bats, speedboats, tennis rackets, knives, cigarettes, computers, and basically every other object can be used to kill someone or commit a crime. By that logic, we should ban all those too.

    They may be unnecessary, but so are plenty of things. That dosn't make them any less fun.

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