Shouldn't have been made

Discussion in '1976 Ferrari 400 GT' started by F U C K, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Looks like any common Honda or Toyota you'd see on the street today. Ferrari should stick to what they do best; building the world's finest exotic sports racers, not 4-seater family sedans. This one appealed to many woman buyers because it was a "family" Ferrari.
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    maybe thats why they made some funds to develope the 288 GTO and F-40<!-- Signature -->
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    well it may be ugly but just to think that ferrari made better cars so i wouldnt save this picture or buy the car id just take the ferrari sign lol
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    Was it so expensive than to develop the 288 GTO and the F40? (those are two GREAT cars by the way).

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    I think this one is great..A sweet GT for the semester...
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    Good luck getting 3 kids, 2 dogs and 500kg of lugagage in ised that car. MORON
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    Look, you have completely messed up here. Fair enough, you don't like this car but where do you get your information from? "This one appealed to many woman buyers because it was a 'family' Ferrari; eh?

    Ferrari have been building two-plus-two GTs for years. The latest in the line is the 612 Scaglietti.
  8. You can argue about looks, they are not spectacular. But for many people that is just an advantage. I dont want to be seen in a car that needs a permanent suntan, let alone be accompanied by a women of a certain looks.

    Wait until you drive one. Although not that fast from stand still it is impressive at higher speeds, and it does cornering one doesnt expect from such a large machine.

    The best part however is the sound, especially with the rear silencer removed (on mine straight through pipes)
  9. I like it, but I prefer the cab.!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i like the styling but speed is just not enough for the 400 to be a jenuine super car

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