sleeping nude

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Jul 15, 2006.

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  2. Only if it's like a gazillion degrees.
  3. I hate sleeping nude. Last thing I need is have someone come in and see me.
  4. fear of getting caught.
  5. you guys dont have locks on your doors?
  6. I don't live at home...
  7. Never tried, I'm always in boxers.
  8. sometimes in the summer, but i dunno i just rock boxers most of the time.
  9. no, only with a girl next to me.
  10. nay. only if its super hot during the summer.

    i hate having my balls flopping all over the place when im trying to get some sleep.
  12. wat if a chupacabra comes? sleeping naky is BAD.
  13. Yes. I keep my door closed and locked so no one's gonna bother me.
  14. Always, love sleepin naked.
    Only time I don't is if I'm sleeping at someone else's place.
  15. Of course you and Veyronman sleep naked.

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