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  1. Added to the list
    Yeah I'm of the same opinion as you. Although it's easier to navigate on touch screen you can't see enough at a glance without scrolling constantly.
  2. How do I change the new user thing under my name? I tried changing my signature and status and what not, to no avail.
  3. Yes, breadcrumbs at the bottom would be great.
  4. V-Man, you da man!
    If you weren't liaising with the new admin, we probably would have lost everything.

    I am writing this in red.
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  5. you have to stop being a n00b
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  6. The Individual Car Forums section needs organizing. When going there, it shows ALL cars listed on this website. At the beginning it seems like it's on alphabetical order, but as you scroll down, even that appears not to be the case and it's seemingly very random which car ends up where in the list. Please keep in mind that being fan of a particular car and writing about it is one of the key motivations to start an account, rather than jumping into the deep of Miscellaneous here.

    I'd like to suggest making a folder structure, alphabetically, per manufacturer. Perhaps with A B C ... X Y Z links on top of the page for quick navigating to the preferred manufacturer. Then when going to Honda, you can find all the different Civics, Integras, etc. to talk about.

    A similar thing can be said for the Premium Website Forums, which seem to be ordered randomly as well (folder structure not necessary here because there are a lot less of these Forums than Individual Car Forums), but an ABC link-list on top would be nice.
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  7. Hey Guys,

    Nick here. I'm the new owner of Sorry it has taken me so long to get back onto the forum - looks different :).

    It took longer than expected to migrate the forum over (millions of things) as well as the regular site (over 12,000 posts on the site). I've been reading the comments and this is all awesome stuff. I have a developer on hand who is here to help get things fixed. Some stuff is easy and some stuff is hard. Some stuff is just everybody getting used to a new platform. As you guys can imagine trying to find something that replicated all of the old functionality and had all the cool new features was going to be almost impossible, so we made some tradeoffs. I hope you guys understand that overall things will be way better.

    Anyway, I hope you guys like it and sorry it took so long to get this site fixed. You can ping me on Facebook if you want to chat to me directly.

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  8. Nick D is from Montréal, perfect.:)
  9. You can go to car shows together! haha
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  10. at the bottom right corner when you've scrolled towards the bottom of the page some green arrows appear, which you can use to teleport back to the top of the page, then you can click general chat

    I do agree though that "breadcrumbs" (great term) would be a good addition.

    omg I can type less-than!
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  11. Clarification. I am not from Montreal. I took over the old account so I now need to update my information. I am from Sydney (Australia) and now live in New York.
  12. You'll be pleased to here we've always had a solid set of Aussies on here

    SupraBloke, for example
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  13. Dammit.:(
  14. You can't say nigger on the new forum?!?!? Do we have to learn to behave now? Plz no ;__;

    Also it's Niggar with an A like that Taiwanese jeans chain that was originally called Nigger King but someone thought that was "offensive" so they changed their name to Niggar King. It's also the name of my wifi.

    Anyway I would like to change the account name back to HippoCrushEverything. HippoDrivesCar is also good.
  15. We need Gong Gong qi che back
  16. You'll find someone to discuss Habs with someday, have faith haha
  17. Things are already better indeed. Thanks, Nick :)
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  18. Haha, somehow I felt it was something related to China (more or less), as they say nigga all the time inbetween words and phrases
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  19. Yeah, my poor Habs. :(
    Now Habs means: Had Another Bad Season.
  20. don't worry my team lost in the first round. as long as the maple leafs never win again we'll always be able to mock relentlessly
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    Where can I edit the privacy of my albums?

    I see this, but can't click it:
    Can View Media:
    Owner Only
    Can Add Media:
    Owner Only
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    Please wait some time I am checking this.

    EDIT: please check again, now you can set album privacy, who can view or who can add
  23. I'm just thinking ahead to when there's some new, impressionable youth hitting the boards. Remember also that this place is linked directly with various social media outlets.

    We don't want the collective wrath of Twitter bombarding us now, do we?
  24. That did the trick, thanks

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