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  1. I want to shoot some guns at like, a firing range or something.
  2. You should. It's fun, really.
  3. I want to shoot guns at like, extremist christians, those westboro saptist church #$%#s
  5. ya guns are fun
    id like to shoot a big rifle on an outdoor range tho
    i dont want to shoot at living thigs tho
    unless they are terist
  6. i like guns because they are a good indicator of which people have small penises
  7. no one even bothered with an in b4 supraman...
  8. just doing my part
  9. do you like the tokarev? i think i remember you posting when you got it, but i didnt hear anything about it.
  10. it's better than a Garand. Lighter, same power, adjustable gas port, half the recoil. 10 shots too. the muzzle brake makes it very nice to shoot. Not bad for 1940
  11. wait, thats a nagant isn't it? i was talkin bout the pistol.
  12. I'm getting my gun licence in about a month. looking at pricing for stuff around here and might I say I hate all of you in america currently.
  13. whatever man, at least they're shooting something
  14. I want to fire a rocket launcher at a lame horse
  15. Looking to get my Restricted and Non-Restricted soon.
  16. I don't care for guns at all but I do want to try a sniper rifle.
  17. lol'd
  18. Now you are ready for battle.
  19. I'd take that pistol over a 1911. 1750fps and armor piercing surplus is no joke. I take it deer hunting incase they walk under the stand
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    check out my pedant edition of star trek vids

  22. Ugh star trek
  23. oh I like
    any history on this particular piece?
  24. Why is is that Soviet Association kill weapon industry make so many shiny small arms but mostly quite excrement everything else (with a few exception maybe)?

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