so anti anxiety medication

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  2. I'm pretty sure mental illnesses existed before tv and video games. They undoubtedly contribute to various disorders but someone not sleeping for days and losing touch with reality would usually indicate a serious medical issue.
  3. Honestly, I'd bet money on diet and exercise solving his problems.
  4. honestly pot does like nothing for me

    thank god
  5. I never liked it. I found it always made me worry about all the important things I wasn't doing at that moment. Then I'd just fall asleep and totally miss the rest of the party.
  6. it just makes me tired
    doesnt feel great, like when a buzz starts coming on
    alcohol is bes drug
  7. It might prevent relapse in the future but it sounds like it's too late for now. It would be like telling an obese person that's having a heart attack to go for a run rather than going to the hospital.
  8. word
  9. I don't know if he's THAT bad! lol

  10. He's been battling a demonically possessed book while a gay parade narrated his thoughts with a megaphone. If that isn't the point where someone should decide it might be time to go to the doctors rather than walking it off I don't know what is.
  11. not walking
    and protene shakes
  12. He had a hallucination probably brought on by a combination of too much salty food, dehydration, accelerated heart rate due to a Big Gulp sugar stimulant, and increased blood pressure as a result of a fast food lunch.

    He needs to go for a 3 mile run every morning, and eat nothing but codfish, boiled potatos, and salad every day for a week. He'll poo out all his demons.
  13. cool so i can pretend im american and drink in the day too
    need some big macs first
  14. stuff sucks brah. pretty much do what wheelman said, that should be enough to make you feel better. its what people many hundreds of years ago "prescribed" themselves.^^
  15. "He needs to go for a 3 mile run every morning, and eat nothing but codfish, boiled potatos, and salad every day for a week. He'll poo out all his demons."

    apart from the codfish, that's what i do.
  16. why would you take pills when weed is so much safer?
  17. decrease the tetrahydrocannabinol dosage, or more accurately, get weed with a less contrasting cannabidiol to thc ratio.
  18. I am seriours.
  19. You're ignoring the fact that the gay parade narrated my thoughts after I realized that the doctor's office was closed by standing right outside of the clinic's door. I was delirious but I was rational enough to know that I needed to head there to get help. So in fact, I had clearly made that decision to go to the doctors instead of "walking it off" myself.
  20. I'm not and have never been interested in projecting my problems onto my material world. I've smoked pot on and off for years and I've been fine on it, this insomnia problem has obviously been something else entirely. Likewise, I don't expect to take some magical pill to get better. If anything has been #$%#ing me up, it's the morphine that I took after my surgery and that I ended up taking at my recently deceased grandfather's funeral because I didn't want to fall to pieces like dominos. I have no problems owning my own. Like I said, bring on the existential therapy, but I'm 20 and I'm not gonna be one of these sad people who caught a label from the DSM and make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  21. I felt similar to this a few months ago, around the time I was making the decision to move from Canada, ending a two-year relationship, then when I had just moved to Moscow it kinda dragged on. I didn't sleep or eat properly for a couple weeks and had difficulty understanding if things had actually happened or if it had been a dream/imagination. Only hallucinated once, after 4 or 5 days without any sleep. But yeah, change of lifestyle, occupying your time is the solution.
  22. yeah well most of the people who think they have illness are those people like you and maserati who sit on 4chans and play CoD all day i dont believe they are truely sick, they just need a lifestyles adjustment.
  23. Replace chee tohs and team fortress world war 2 with soy milk,semen and bicycles
  24. Potatoes are much better fried.

    But I do agree with you. Food and the lack the exercise are the cause of ALL mental issues. There is nothing else that has ever caused mental issues.
  25. "Potatoes are much better fried."

    yeah and also quite unhealthy

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