So I went to the mazda museum

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  1. Went to the mazda museum a week ago. Here's a bunch of pictures in case anyone cares.

    They start out in a room where they show you a clip about the company, which was a little boring.

    Then they have a few models than you can get in and check out. All were boring except for the mx5
  2. this was the building. The whole complex is huge.

    my badge

    They even had their own hospital across the street
  3. And then afterwards I went to an arcade with some schoolmates for a bit.

    Then went to a buffet dinner at a nice restaurant that I didn't have to pay for.
  4. ohhh sweet
  5. thanks for sharing
  6. This is Hiroshima yes? I thought America took care of that place already
  7. lol and who else noticed the emo sk8r boi standing behind the mx5 in that first pic?
  8. my god that 787b is so awesome
  10. correct
  11. I love the AZ-1
  12. Wish I could spend more time there, we were kind of rushed through. Then again, no one else in our group cared about cars.
  13. i expected more rx-7s. no spirit r? no racecars besides the 787b?
  14. Nope, the area with the past vehicles was about 1/4 of the tour. The rest was how the cars are made, a walk through the assembly plant (which I couldn't take pictures in), and then a few concept cars and them talking about future goals and clean air and stuff.

    I did wish they had more cars to see, but it still was a neat experience.

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