Speed is stupid.

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by MyWickedCorolla, May 26, 2007.

  1. you can never have too much horsepower...
  2. You need to take the "ferrari" part out of your username.
  3. The engine doesn't put out 405hp when you're getting 30mpg.
  4. what was wrong with your jetta?
  5. i like how he has Ferrari in his name... as if Ferraris save gas.
  6. This is got to be a joke.
  8. Each to their own but give me more power
  9. Hahaha, you bought a V6 Mustang? HAhahahah.
  10. no i didnt the car im thinking of is a 2003 svt focus or something
  11. My car put 258 horsepower to the wheels stock. With an intake, turboback exhaust, manual boost controller and a good tune it should put down around 350 and get even BETTER gas mileage than it does now because it runs rich stock. So no, not all power mods hurt fuel economy.
  12. I never noticed how retarded you were until I found this thread.
  13. PASSION gets me 15mpg
  14. I love you toniferrari.
  16. I noticed before
  17. Needledick syndrome?

    I can take the opinion of anyone seriously because I don't judge people the arbitrary hunk of metal used for transportation. 95% of people don't give a #$%# about their car.
  18. And those 95% are fruit and nut cakes!
  19. A lot of people don't understand fuel consumption. I think it is also a common misconception that ALL American cars are gas guzzling pieces of shit. While most are pieces of shit, they are pretty good for mileage.

    Engine displacement does not absolutely dictate fuel mileage.

    Japanese cars - at least in the '90s - had higher engine revolution speeds, so a similar displacement Japanese car would burn more fuel than an American car.
  20. This thread fails. You fail.

    I HATE how stupid people are when it comes to fuel consumption. HOW you drive is more important than what you're driving in the real world.

    I can tell you for a fact I get comparable to better mileage than many of my idiot friends in their Civics and other shitboxes, even though I drive a 3600 pound V8 car... Why??? Because they're always nailing the gas trying to drive their stupid economy cars like they're Speed Racer. I on the other hand drive rather conservatively. My car hardly ever going above 2000RPM is doing a lot better than them in their shit cars that are tached out all the time.

    Your whole argument fails miserably. Use your head... and never, never, EVER buy a V6 Mustang... They're for women and homosexuals.
  21. Oh yea, I forgot to mention your friends are worthless POS ricer #%$s... Don't feel bad though, so are some of mine. But at least I have a buddy with an Evo and another with a Miata!!! Real cars FTW!
  22. toninferrari lol
  23. I might buy an '86 XJ12 with SBC.
  24. Really? What color? How much?

    I gotta say it's a pretty sweet combo, and I have no complaints. That year of a SIII car will have all of the quirks that plagued Jaguars in the late 70s/early 80s worked out too so it should be solid as hell. What kind of a SBC in it? Only thing I'd do different if I could go back is try to find one with an LT1 or even a TPI/TBI instead of a carbed engine. They don't sell for much more and get better mileage, warm up instantly in winter, etc.

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