sport auto Supertest Porsche 997 GT2

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  1. eagerly awaitwd and published earlier than expected, for this month the Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series was announced, now here is the sport auto Supertest of the new Porche 997 GT2:

    Nurburgring: 7:33 --- 163.708 km/h
    as fast as the Zonfa F and only a second slower than the CGT, the 530 bhp Porsche GT2 clearly demonstrates what is is capable of, a perfect handling and the highest limits for the road-going and most powerful 911 ever!

    Hockenheim short track: 1:10.0* -- 133.714 km/h
    time is only an estimation as not all the sectors were available for testting that day. But this time is abloutely realistic, a 2nd test will show if it is a low 10 or a high 9 at the end.

    this would be faster than the Zonda F and nearly as fast as the CGT, Koenisgegg CCR or the TechArt GT street before.

    0-200-0 km/h: 16.3 secs.
    even w/o launch control is has a lot of traction and so lines up with the even more powerful LP640 and is faster than CLK DTM AMG or Ford GT

    9 kg and 29 kg downforce at 200 km/h in front/rear
    very well balanced, even though it produces so much downforce it reaches a top speed of 330 km/h, the aerodynmic setup also explains the perfect handling and stability at sppeds above 200 km/h

    max. lat. accelewration: 1.35g
    suspension works perfect, it shows absolutexl no obersteer and always alows a perfect control of the car in motion.
    1.35g with Michelin Pilot Cup sport tyres is the same level as the CGT, Gallardo SL, F430

    530 PS at 6,500 rpm
    680 Nm at 4,500 rpm
    3,600 ccm
    147.2 PS/litre

    Michelin Pilot Cup sport
    235/35 ZR 19 and 325/30 ZR 19 in front/rear

    380/350 mm ventilated ceramic disk brakes in front/rear

    MSRP: 189,496 EUR

    1497 kg
    357 bhp/ton

    0-100 km/h: 3.8 s
    0-160 km/h: 7.7 s
    0-200 km/h: 11.5 s
    Vmax: 329 km/h

    18m slalom: 72.6 km/h
    36m slalom: 139 km/h
    faster and so better handling than the CCR (138 km/h), Zonda F (137 km/h) Gallardo SL (136 km/h)
    110m evasion test: 157 km/h

    a perfect 10, as good handling and respodning as the CGT, even better than the GT street or LP640, only beaten by the Zonda F (159 km/h), the CCR (158 km/h) and 997 GT3 (158 km/h)

    wet handling: 1:29.7
    again, a perfect handling but due to turbo boost not as neutral as expected
    LP 640 (1:29.2
    Z06 (1:30.3)
    997 Turbo (1:31.6)
    599 GTB (1:31.8)

    verdict: 78 out of 80 possible pts.

    best result ever, the most powerful and best handling 911 ever opens anew chapter in history, best result ever in sport auto supertest, taking the lead on front of the CGT and GT3 RS (both 77 pts.), the LP650 (76), the Zonda F (75) and the CCR (74)

    A perfect 10, a prefect super sportscar for the dialy driver, very reliable, easy to to control, offering a lot of fun
  2. best 911 since 993 turbo
  3. "best result ever in sport auto supertest"

    Holy shit! That's mad.
  4. I want one.
  5. 78 is effen nuts
  6. er.. no

    best 911 since the 993 GT2 (still my fav 911)
  7. best 911 ever!
  8. Goddamn!!!!! I new it! I new it! I new they were going to make the best street Porsche ever! And they did! YES! I just don't have any other words to express my satisfaction and happyness.
  9. your words shall spoke truth
  10. Best 911 since GT1, please...
  11. It`s hard to think at a GT1 as a 911, though you`re quite right
  12. but the GT1 was based on the 962 Groupe C chassis rather than production 911!
  13. I call BS on the car itself. the same car WR got a 7:32 in...odds of it being stock...slim.
  14. heh?
  15. wut?
  16. masterpiece
  17. I didn't like it that much a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm all DO WANT!
  18. pls note that it's on cup tyre, Cgt's time of 7 28 is not on cup tyre, if GT2 is on normal tyre, it will be at least 5 sec slower
  19. That's rediculous for a car that you could drive on a daily basis.
  20. Give it to me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

    any pics of it in a color different than guards red, yellow, black or the silvers?
  21. Awesome.

    Also the Gallardo SL is faster and better looking than the F430S.
  22. Those gills in the back turn me off. Otherwise it's a hardass car.
  23. probably about 10 sec
  24. a car isnt going to defy physics. its not accelerating like a CGT and it wont handle like one either. at least not in stock form. the car is the same one WR used in the autobild comparison, and odds are its suspension is tweaked to run the Nring. put it on another track and it wont be running with a CGT.

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