SSC Ultimate Aero II/Tuatara

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  1. he was saying nice things
  2. listen
    when i hear a foreigner say eagle
    my vision jsut goes red
    i dont care what he said
    he has NO RIGHT
  3. um america isnt the only countrie with eagles moran
    go straighten your american flag satin boxers there in a bunch
  4. you want a piece of me
    little photographer boy want to throw with The Patriot?
  5. Eagles eat lizards.
  6. Eagles may soar, but lizards don't get sucked into jet engines
  7. Those jets hates freedom.
  8. then how come the haast eagle didnt wipe out the tuatara?

  9. it is a car
  10. it got 4 somethings
  11. Your land lack bald eagles.
  12. haast eagle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bald eagle
  13. we only have like 6 bald eagles here lol
  15. drinking a tuatara pilsner
    wonder if any come with the car
  17. does your country have 6 american embassys
  18. maybe its time to stop living in the past
  19. lol
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    The Tuatara looks amazing. Gotta check the video. It seems like the back looks pretty good irl, those top gear pics just didn't do it justice.

    Shelby SuperCars Announces SSC Asia in Shanghai
    Jerod Shelby and designer Jason Castriota unveil the Tuatara in Shanghai

    Shelby SuperCars (SSC), the American supercar manufacturer of the world‐record breaking Ultimate Aero, and the newly unveiled Tuatara, has introduced ‘SSC Asas its exclusive SSC distributor for the Asia Region. SSC Asia held its first ever event this week in Shanghai China, announcing its partnership with Shelby SuperCars, and also publicly presenting the SSC Tuatara to the press for the first time.

    “Announcing our products here in Shanghai for the Asia region is yet another one of those dreams realized for SSC,” said Jerod Shelby, Founder and CEO of Shelby SuperCars.

    “We’ve received overwhelmingly positive reception here in China on the brand and the car. It’s very exciting,” stated Don Xu, President of SSC Asia.

    Jason Castriota, designer of Ferrari’s P4/5 Pininfarina, Maserati’s Birdcage and most recently the SSC Tuatara, attended the event and answered media questions alongside Jerod Shelby, SSC Asia President Don Xu, and SSC Asia Co‐Founder Jason He. Mr. He was the official Emcee of the event, while Mr. Xu announced SSC’s newest partnership and unveiled the Tuatara.

    “We will witness a masterpiece. It’s faster, safer, and more luxurious, bringing more driving pleasure,” said Mr. He.

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