Stick a hemi in it

Discussion in '2007 Dodge Demon Concept' started by drew00629, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. time to put the viper on the back burner and stick a hemi in the demon.
  2. why? so it can be front heavy, ruin the weight and handling? no thank you. put a turbo in it.
  3. either way more power
  4. yea idk if u put a hemi in there though it will raise the weight...BUT more power so yea take ur pick
  5. Supercharger.
  6. Oh god, I can't believe Dodge's pathetic little Hemi Ad Campaign has affected this many hillbillies.

    A turbo would make this car fly and keep the weight down. Look at the SRT-4. Imagine a engine similar to that, if not the same, in a car much lighter? This car would, and will, be an absolute hoot to drive.

    The days of huge V8's are coming to a close.

    Die hillbilies, die!
  7. um... except the hemi is a fantastic motor. granted, not the right one for this car in my opinion, but still one of the best options for a cheap 500hp capable car on the market
  8. i agree, put a hemi in it, live up to mopar heritige
  9. You can't call it a demon with only 172hp.Looks pretty good but let it live up to its name.Survey says..More power please.

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