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    Mike10, why are you such a #%$? He asked a simple question. You'd so get popped if you acted like that in real life. You know, some people don't know this stuff and want to learn and it's #%$s like you that make the world afraid to ask questions to gain knowledge and to become more informed and intelligent. Start using what little brain you have.

    And there's a lesson you can learn from rappin
    But they trying to make ya realize it ain't gonna happen
    We done changed the world
    Get our voices being heard and felt
    Got my guns better arm yourself
    Don't know what I'm a do, cause I don't know what I'm a do
    Don't you know this government ain't here for me and you?
    I have a dream though, I have a wish
    If we can't save ourselves then let's save the kids
    Let the world go wrong, let these babies have some
    Let the world go wrong, just to blow this mothaphucker up
    You'll kill him or he'll kill you
    Some say it's stupid but violence really lives where I come from
    Hungry little kids where I come from
    Judge not me and where I come from<!-- Signature -->
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    Right on Thugz. Liken the rap.
  3. This car is sweet, is it street legal or just for racing?
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    its street legal you loser

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