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  1. I have a check engine light. Car seems to be running fine, but nothing has happened between now and the last time I drove it that would warrant such a thing.
  2. if you're lucky its the gas cap.
  3. P0135. Upstream oxygen sensor, heater circuit malfunction.
  4. that's the first O2 sensor when you open the hood that sticks out of the manifold. easy as all hell to change. unless its seized in there, in that case let the engine warm up to operating temp and try breaking it loose then.
  5. or it might be the wiring
  6. Coolies. I know which one you're talking about. It's literally right there when you open the hood.
  7. exactly. sometimes the wiring harness rubs on the top of the engine and that's the problem. so trace it back to the plug and see if theres any rubbing.
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  9. Hey! Hey, TSCM! Upstream and downstream O2 sensors? They interchangeable? It's looking like downstream sensors are a lot more common/cheaper...
  10. Haha just pay for the damn sensor you need.
  11. Stupid check engine light on today's car.
  12. I honestly had no idea. I mean, your average auto parts emporium isn't exactly a bastion of be-all, end-all parts knowledge. I don't wanna shell out fifty bucks for sensor and sacrifice the skin of my knuckles for a part that either doesn't fit, or could have been had for 1/2 the price.
  13. Probably just a generic bosch one.

    2 wire or 4?
  14. depends on the type. usually (as numbers stated) they're 2, 3, or 4 wire sensors. at this point you've exhausted my Honda parts knowledge on O2 sensors. I would possibly check other places on the internet or ask Norco as I think he knows more about this then I do
  15. gonna lol if its not just the sensor and something actually is wrong.
  16. On today's cars, with all the electronics in it, car manufacturers could simply add a on board display saying what's the code.

    If you don't have a OBD-II scanner, you are "forced" to go to the dealership or mechanic that will charge you a fee just to pull the codes out. 95% of drivers knows jack shit what do theses codes mean, so they get screwed by the stealership of mechanic. Yes, I know, some are honest and if you do find a honest mechanic (looking at you, TSCM) stick with him.

    That's why the government or whoever controls the car industries changes the rules on that stupid check engine light. Make it a way that it's possible to read those codes on the dashboard.
  17. sometimes they're interchangeable. often times the connector will be different as well as the length of the wires.

    just buy the damn thing and fix yo car
  18. Unlikely, both because it's a Honda, and because I've already done the diagnostic scan. I didn't just pull the problem code out of my ass. It's also worth noting that the car runs fine. If the Check Engine Light hadn't come on, I'd have never known - save for an occasional stench of hydrocarbons idling in traffic, which might have been diesel exhaust anyway.
  19. Apparently the upstream sensor is a fancy wide-band unit, and the downstream sensor is a primitive thing. There is a universal kit available, but I'd have to wire up the correct connector myself and I just don't trust my electrician skills, so I'll shell out three times the money for the specific unit...tomorrow.
  20. It's 4-wire. Other curious things I learned during my morning inspection:

    It wasn't a loose connection and the wires haven't rubbed.
    Resetting the Check Engine Light didn't work, so the sensor's properly #$%#ed.
    The dealership WAAAY over-filled my car with oil at the last oil change they did. That may explain the occasional whiff of burning oil I've been smelling.
  21. they always do that
    worst place is Canadian PifPaf for that
  22. Just seein this thread now but ya I was gonna say, the O2s on the D series engines are pretty different. Honda put the cat and manifold as 1 piece right off the engine on my D16. They started doing it as heated O2s were making their way into more cars, but I don't know why they kept the setup for so long on different engines. My manifold is cracked so if I'm keeping this engine I need to replace a cat and header/manifold

    Also lol at over filled oil that sucks, if they have done that consistently that could be partly what caused your O2 to shit the bed. Tis also bad for cats to receive oil in any form, burned or otherwise.
  23. Are we talking 7th gen Civics here?
    How do I change the parking light bulb on a '00 sedan?
    Do I just need small japanese hands?

  24. read the owners manual.

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