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  1. Google advertising worked and now I want a Nexus 7 tablet since its only 200. Is that a good deal? I use my laptop all the time at home, so a tablet would be nice just a mess around with, read news, go to scnet. Basically just replace my laptop since lugging it around, plugging it in is a pain (first world probs, ya know?)

    Are they worth it? Will they be supported for awhile? Should I just save for an Ipad and probably never be able to afford one? I only use WIFI so I dont need any service plans to go along with my tablets.
  2. $200 is a good tablet price, I think. Our department at work got an iPad for testing, and I mess around with it a lot for no reason. I had it at home for a bit because I was going to need to do service validations during some maintenance, and it was pretty convenient compared to walking to the desk where the laptop is, or bringing the laptop back to the couch. Also, I was laying in bed browsing away with it and when I was done, just sorta lobbed it on top of a pile of dirty clothes. Battery was last charged about a week ago, and it's still at 76%, although I don't really use it very heavily.

    I used to think they were just a novelty, and preferred to get a super expensive fancy laptop. Now I kinda wish I had just gotten a modest laptop and also gotten some kind of reasonably priced tablet with a large screen. I may end up getting such a tablet when my laptops battery inevitably goes shitty, and just chain it to the desk with a charger and make it my studio pc.
  3. CR ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet.

    Get the 16 GB version for $249.
  4. Ya I think the 16 would be preferred, especially being only 50 bucks more. Let me know what you think. Like Disorder said, it would be nice just to use wherever inside the house or on the deck, without a bulky laptop that I would be afraid to drop.
  5. Personally I think it's a bit too small for a tablet.
  6. Same.

    As far as being supported by Google, you should feel confident that they might support their 'own' device over similar 3rd party Motorolas or Acers etc. And since you'll be getting a device not tied to a carrier, you won't have to worry about the politics of when and why you should expect the next OS update. Or at least that's my understanding.

    I know I've said it a few times already, but those who wish to easily tether their Android phones without paying a monthly fee or rooting, get FoxFi from the Google Play Store. Works flawlessly.
  7. I need to find something of caparable size to I can see for myself. Right now I'm set on it. Thursday I'll pull the trigger if I'm still convinced.
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    ParanoidAndroid is available for the Nexus 7. That's the ROM I run on my S3. It's a hybrid tablet/phone layout (or I can use the full tablet layout) but allows you to resize apps individually. I have Facebook resized to 192 from 320 to make better use of the smaller screen. This is an option for the Nexus 7.

    I've tried out the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and thought it was too big. A 7" tablet seems small but I was comfortable reading on my 5.3" Galaxy Note.
  9. Try the Galaxy Tab 7 but still get the Nexus. It's probably the best tablet for the money right now.
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    #$%#in lol
  11. also ipad

    close thread
  12. I want to know how much the iPad mini is going to be
  13. What is this about tethering because I don't really get it. Isn't tethering connecting another device to a network/internet through your mobile phone? Because you can do that with every Android device stock as far as I know, at least I can.
  14. get iphone and stick to laptop at home
  15. When the Ipad Mini comes out, Apple will sue samsung and get the tab 7 pulled from shelves because it is competition and bad for business.
  16. get the cheapest possible ipad, refurbed.
  17. get the cheapest possible ipad, refurbed.
  18. I believe it's going to start somewhere around $250.
  19. Well I received mine today. It has a cool start-up sequence and nice colors on the welcome screen. But that's as far as this tablet will let me go, as in, the touch screen wont sense my touch. So now I have to wait till after I move to send this one back and get a new one.

    The guy I talked to was nice though and hopefully there are no more hiccups and I get a functioning Nexus after the wait.
  20. you gotta peel off the protective screen cover duh
  21. oh. maybe youre dead? capacitive screens dont work for dead people.
  22. Does the ipad work for dead peeps?
  23. so using Apple Maths, that'll be £250.

    Thanks, Apple!
  24. It should work while dead for as long as you remain hydrated.

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