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  1. its not that bad.. but i would be caught dead with this car<!-- Signature -->
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    "not that bad"

    Do you know anything about rally cars ???
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    I am so sick of these kids with no respect

    all they knwo are the gook pack nip boxes

    stop compareing modern to classic u anudecated wabnkers

    study the history of cars
    and youll see all that twin cam turbo stuff weas done years ago

    in typical jap fashion they just markets it as their own
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from DEADLY WISPER</i>
    <b>its not that bad.. but i would be caught dead with this car</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->not bad?! Im guessing you know nothing about this car<!-- Signature -->
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    how can you say that? This car has a V6 engine and only weighs 980 kg.
    I don't think many car companies can do that today.
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    Lancias kick ass. Lancia is the reason why group b rally was banned and Lancia completley dominated.
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    not quite. they were one of the top runners, however it was the audi's that got group B banned... although the guy that died driving the GB Lancia start the chain reaction to the death of GB...
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    Really, man. People who do not know the old Lancia really dont know the potentials/marks that the Stratos or the Delta Integrale left in the Rally world. They're quite famous cars, I gotta say. If I had the money (isnt that always the #$%#ing line?) I would buy a Stratos.
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    I have got to reply to this! You are of course entitled to your opinion, but consider this:

    The Stratos is one of the great automobile shapes ever (same man who did the original Countach - are you getting it now?)- not beautifull; but Evil, Hard, Agressive, you up and spit you out. You can never mistake a Stratos for anything else.

    As for what it was built pure and simple to win Rallies (and beat the Alpines which were humiliating everything). It was devastatingly effective and brutal.

    You don't have to be seen dead in one, it chews up posers and kicks them out.

    An icon.

    All the best!
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    Great car's, a guy on my block had a replica Stratos (with Fiat Twin-cam in it) and it looked mean as hell. Obviously, would have been better with the Ferrari Dino motor, but it still shifted..

    BTW, it's "I wouldn't be seen dead in this car...." not 'would'.
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    WTF??? a number of fatal accidents in various cars (which were becoming too powerful to manage) resulted in the removal of group-B cars, particularly one involving the Ford RS200 that resulted in the deaths of 3 spectators, and injuring 8 others. Anyway, Audi only won in 1982 & 1984, hardly enough to be considered domination (though that car really kicked @$$).

    check out this link: Click on "2003 figures" (says "new" beside it) on the left toolbar, then click on "Manufacturers Historic" on the statistics table (top right).
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    No man the car that caused the death of group B was that weird looking ford 2000 rs. the car slipped of the road and just sliced 2 spectators in the Rallye de Portugal
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    in regard to the fiat twin cam (designed by Lampredi for fiat, originally for fiat 132, and used in fiats (131R), lancias (037, s4, integrale), alfas, and a couple of low volume makes. most people overlook the fact its effectivley a racing engine put into a production car...), its roughly the same size as the dino and has a very nice torque characteristic. While not as exotic, it does not dis-honour the stratos.

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    Totally agree. Did everyone know that the manufacturer who has won the most world rally championships (I think manufacturer's titles but can't remember exactly) is... LANCIA! Yet they don't even compete today... what a shame =(

    And if I had the money, Stratos would be my weekend toy (I doubt it would serve too well as a daily driver in 30-plus degree heat in an Aussie summer!)
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    Damn straight it wouldn't do as a daily driver, appearantly they are pigs to drive on public roads (isn't that always the case with rally designed cars!!), but it would whoop the current clubman series cars. Definiatly up there with all the classics.

    Unfortunatly, the demise of Group B (whatever the cause) also meant the demise of awesome cars like the Stratos and the RS2000, the TRUE supercars!
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    Well, the banning of the class was copmletely logigal after those terrible accidents. Those cars were really too powerful. As I recal on one ocasion the Stratos (posible mistake with the AUDI Quatro) got a time on a F1 track that could compare with the 6th position on the grid of the F1 GP 2 weeks later on the same track! And it was only a presentation of the car!!!
  17. That was the Audi Quattro. In Estoril, it made a laptime such that it could qualify in 6th at the Portuguese G.P. two weeks later...

  18. IMO very pretty ride, I'd love to have one <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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