Tesla Model X Revealed

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    Well, it has finally arrived. After all the hype and teasers Tesla has unveiled its Model X all electric SUV at the Tesla design studio in California. Well, we thought it would be an SUV, but after having a look, its probably safe to say its more of a crossover than anything.

    The model X is said to be a family vehicle with performance roots according to Tesla, and will hit the 0-60 MPH mark in under five seconds. A dual motor all wheel drive setup is available for the Model X, and when outfitted will have two separate electric motors, one driving each axle. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and co-founder said at the press conference that Model X has ”more room than a minivan, more style than an SUV and more performance than a sports car.” The crossover will come with two of the three available Model S engine sizes,using either a 60 or 80 kWh battery pack. Thanks to its added weight, the Model X will get 10 to 12 percent less range than the Model S. That will give the the Model X about 260 to 270 miles of range for the 85-kWh battery and 200 to 210 for the 60-kWh.

    Thanks to its lack of an internal combustion engine, the Model X has storage in the rear of the vehicle as well as the front, with the “frunk” alone offering as much storage space as an Audi Q7.

    One of the most interesting features on the Model X are the doors. Tesla calls this unique door design “Falcon Wings” and are building upon many other luxury cars utilizing the classic gull-wing design. The falcon wings allow passengers easy step in access to the second and third row of seats, and because they bend in the middle can be opened in tight spaces without worry of smashing up the car next to you. Tesla says that seating seven adults comfortably will be no problem, and entering and exiting the vehicle will be easier than ever before.

    The Model X will begin production in late 2013 with deliveries beginning in early 2014. The Model X’s price is expected to be around $57,500.

  2. looks gay


    Tesla Crossturd
  3. the original tesla was a turd, and looked gay.... did you expect anything less from the followup?
  4. I thought they went bankrupt after their last two models are spectacular failures. Why are they still making cars that no one will buy?
  5. teslas are awesome. ya'll dum
  6. watch revenge of the electric car, they got a fack ton of money from IPO and government loan.
  7. The teslas wasn't so bad after all! Each car is designed for a specific purpose and costomer range.
  9. theyre good, i like them, but i just dont know how they stay afloat when they've basically sold a negative number of cars.
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  11. it has a very volvo/citroen look going on.
  12. its a CR-V that got sat on
  13. i wish i would get sat on <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. I don't know what to think of this, but the Tesla S is hot.
  15. I still think they should build a three-seater instead, as between the current two models, could be a centerseat like the McLaren F1, so they can sell it both on LHD/RHD market.
  16. lol wat
  17. Because stupid Obama keeps shoving cash at that because he thinks spending is the key to solving everything. He's like a woman with a credit card.
  18. This is what Tesla do with your $40,000 Roadster deposit.
  19. lol tesla is awful
  21. easiest way to spot a tesla in the bay area is to look for hazard lights flashing off the side of the highway
  22. i would pull over if i saw that and let that driver fart in my mouth then i would blow it up his butwhole and let him fart it back in the car and we would just sit there hotboxing farts because that is all tesla is good for as far as i am concerned
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  24. there is no evidence of this
    we have a liar on are hands

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