The Grand Tour

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  1. what is it about getting a mob of people together that lowers their collective iq below the sum of the individuals
  2. I watched it. It felt familiar. It looks like it will do well, and I think they know what they're doing and it will work.
  3. North American mainstream media is geared towards total morons. At least the Brits have a few moderately entertaining programs with a half-decent sense of humour... but they're also dumbing everything down to meet the expectations of the 'average'. It seems like anything with Benedict Cumberbatch in it was designed for consumption by the British version of the American retard.
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  4. Watched it last night. Still too scripted. Looks like there's a big budget there. But it's nice, and better than nothing.
  5. did u said some bad about us
  6. I've watched it and though I like the filmed segments (which were as I'd expect them to) I'm not feeling the studio/tent bits at all. To me it was like a TG episode with modern cars. Nice M2 featu, always wanted to see more of that car. But all I really like these 3 for is the banter and the challenges with cheap cars really. So maybe some old volsewagons and zephyrs in johannesburg then.
  7. Lol. volsewagon betel.
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  8. If they didn't laugh how would you know it was supposed to be funny
  9. Watching the second episode now, not really holding my attention very well.
  10. Yeah, the format of that military segment wasn't the best
  11. The American sucks. Worst part of the show.
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  12. I got it don't share any spoilers please will probably watch it tonight
  13. Didn't feel the second episode either for the reasons I mentioned earlier
  14. The BBC are being really petty. I read elsewhere (not particularly reputable, but nevertheless...) that James May isn't allowed to say "cock"
  15. Just watched the second episode and I give it a "meh" score. The military sgment started up great but it soon became way to boring.
  16. I saw the first episode. Hadnt seen top gear or any car show for a long time.

    I thought it was pretty enjoyable with some genuinely funny moments (lol'd at the Volkswagen bit). It felt more like a really good youtube special however and its just not the same as top gear. Hopefully it gets better down the road, but good start nonetheless.
  17. are they going to literally jump the shark in one of these
  18. Ja 1st one was better.
  19. he must, if he can't ad lib better than the junk they're writing for him...

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