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  1. I can't tell if it's a GT-S or GT-R from the pictures... is it rear wheel?
  2. GTS-T with a GT-R wing
  3. Also 20 inch wheels with look retarded
  4. I think he bought the car with the exterior as is.
    Not sure if he has plans to change anything though. I dont mind the wheels.

    Also, after the LS2 conversion, the car is 7kg lighter.
  5. Agree. Australians seem to like to put overly large wheels on their car.
  6. Got my tires mounted on the rims and balanced. Next week they getting put on my truck once the lift kit is installed.
  7. and probably better balanced too. an inline 6 is usually very long and very heavy. ive always thought cars designed around an inline 6 would make a really good base for a v8/ls swap. you end up with a lighter, better balanced car with more rear bias, more engine bay room to do whatever and shitloads more power/torque potential, all good.
  8. You don't necessarily get more room in the engine bay. You are after all putting in a quite wide engine. No room for turbos
  9. after spending about $9,000 on my turbo 4 cylinder, I wish I would have gone LS series. Just saying, its a lot easier to build some engine mounts and smash out a transmission tunnel then it is to try to get 400% more power out of a little engine. So much more math involved the route I took.
  10. How did you spend so much on a ka? I can understand needing things like new pistons, rods, a turbo, and stuff like that. But I cant see all that adding up to more than a few thousand.
  11. Because you have not done it yet. Oil lines, fuel pressure regulators, electronics, gauges, o2 sensors,

    Whatever you think a budget is, times it by three and you will get close to reality.
  12. Yeah, but I'm sure some of that stuff isn't really necessary. Unless you plan on making over 500hp or something. I know it takes money to do it right, but just seems like overkill.
  13. I have about $1800 in extra machine shop work done to a 2nd block. I guess you can subtract that off the amount.

    Either way. I'm getting into the stage of my life where I'm making amazing coin, and where as much fun as it is learning something and doing it myself, I don't have the time, and It would have been so much easier to do LS series.
  14. What's the goal with the KA? Are you looking for a specific output?
  15. 500hp just to say I made it. I may need to run meth injection. I have lowered the compression on the pistons to achieve the ability to use pump gas with boost, but i'm restricted to 94 or higher.
  16. Who has 94 or higher other than... Mohawk (sp) gas? Esso? The highest I usually see in Calgary is 92
  17. Husky sometimes. The big thing is I will have to make a planned route for when I hit the Mountains. I know you can get 94 in Banff, so Nordegg and Jasper are all I care about.

    Highway 93 is where this car is going to drive.
  18. Do you guys get E85 there?
  19. I'm not sure what the E stands for? Is that octane? If so, I usually see 85, 87, and 92
  20. ethanol. it means a fuel thats 85% ethanol. you can find it up here but you really have to look for it.
  21. Its a colder burning fuel that actually rally benefits cars with lower compression pistons that are turbocharged. There is a bunch of guys getting 800hp out of the same engine as I have. You generally have to have the right fuel system for it so it doesn't eat it up, and naturally you do have to tune for it.
  22. I see. Its somewhat common where I live, so its a popular choice for higher power engines. Its also a cheaper per gallon, but the fuel mileage does drop.
  23. You still in Japan, Hemi?
  24. No, that was only during the summer. I wish I was though.
  25. Sunoco makes a 94 octane available up here as well. however its a crap fuel for older engines (ethanol).

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