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  2. I hate you, lol. Buy it already!


    "Serviced regularly at Cockram Nissan."
  4. There was a mint, unmolested 240 convt. that went up for sale a couple of weeks ago in my city. Would have got it myself if I had the cash.
  5. I'm begining to like them more and more
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  7. My RB25det gets pretty freakin hot, so I've bought these <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
    I just have a single thermo in there now with no shroud, and its only 1600cfm, while the twins are 3000cfm.
  8. Are they electronically controlled via switch or just on/off?
  9. electronically, by temperature, one will come on at a certain temperature, and both at a bit higher temperature.
    I can switch them on or off (under the hood) if I need to though
  10. Question: If I wanted to throw on an after market exhaust with the current KA setup, and wanted an SR in the future, would the piping line up? Or would I have to get new piping to make it work? I'd like to know since the OEM exhaust is freakin nasty, but a not sure if this wold just be a waste of cash if I was going SR in the future.

    Also: the cabin is getting really gassy inside sometimes, 84fordman says to check the injector o-ring things but I have no idea how to do that so I'm going to take it to a shop sometime. If I need a new exhaust pipe or something, this may also affect my decision on whether I should just get a after market unit.
  11. How far ahead in the future is the SR planned? Buy a used aftermarket maybe in good condish and sell it when the time comes for an SR, I have no idea if they line up.
  12. Hmm...definately an idea. I am gonna head to a shop today and see what they say, maybe it isn't even an exhaust problem at all.
  13. I got me some OEM upper controls arms and front brake pads today, sweet. I just need brake fluid now some nice DOT4 and the skyline should be hitting the track...
  14. Score...

    Front Upper control arms both installed today
    Brake system bled and DOT 4 was used to fill up
    Replaced my worn out front OEM pads with some aftermarket brake pads

    I still need tires and coilovers.
  15. I got my tires mounted for my sportmaxes. Now I need to lower the car more.
  16. Looking great

    edit: your license plate is way cooler than Alberta's.
  17. So I was at the pub tonight for a good bye party, turns out one of my friends friends used to work for Autodream here in Calgary (Nissan specialists). I got talking to him, says if I were to get an after market exhaust, it will not line up from the stock KA piping to an SR if I were to get one. What he suggested was to get a cat back exhaust, and just get the tubing for the SR when it comes. Good call.

    Some updates:

    - new seats (no pics of them installed yet sorry)
    - audio
    - everything has been sprayed black that was once blue (no pics of that either)
    - new shift boot + knob

    As you can see in one of the pics, my headlight housing is in crap shape <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> (not to mention siezed bolts!). As well, I have concluded that this car has been resprayed. In one of the pics you can see the red spray going onto a part that wasn't supposed to be touched, this is all over the car (even the exhaust). Not that I care, in fact this is a good thing judging from the old paint, look at the engine bay/headlight pic for the color difference.

    Edit: The battery died on me the other day so I had to get that replaced
  18. Hey hemi, are you Chris Talent? I do believe I saw photo's of your car in a 240 group on facebook...
  19. New tires on my 16 x 8 GTR OEM Rims!
  20. yeah
  21. lol @ no smoking
  22. cool lol
  23. The whole lighter thing was faded black and the white outline of the ciggarette (sp) was all faded too. I figured I'd add a custom touch since I don't smoke lol

    Edit: Car went to the shop today to figure out what that gas-ish smell was in the interior. The mechanic called me back (it isn't fixed as of yet), he said it's not uncommon for an older Nissan to have leaky injectors, but he cannot find any leaks. He said it's probably an exhaust leak somewhere. I figure if its from the cat back I might as well just get an after market unit, but if it's not then I will have whatever needs to be replaced, replaced.
  24. My car will be going up for sale, if she does not sell I got some cool plans <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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